Fuji 4.7 GB 16X - 25 for $4.99

I’m new here so I don’t know if this necessarily qualifies as a “great” deal but Best Buy has the 25-pack Fuji 4.7 GB 16x for $4.99 in-store. I know that this is “2nd Class” media (RITEKF1) but the price seemed pretty good.

so nice of you to rank it “2nd class”, I would personally rank it “3rd world country”

This third class media is sold for thrice the price over here :Z
So virtually anything from the States, even the normal shop prices (except for the Sears prices :bigsmile: (but on the other hand, you can pricematch everything everywhere unlike here where only few shops do this at all)) would qualify as a great deal for us Europe-zoners.

The 2nd Class ranking is not mine. DigitalFAQ.com’s Media ID Quality Guide gave RITEKF1 the rating. The discs will be good for experimenting with my new home theater burner. At least the price was right… :rolleyes:

I won’t go for RITEKF1) regardless how cheap it is they are just plain useless.

They’re that bad, eh? I wonder if BB will take back the opened spindle (haven’t burned one yet). FWIW, in the future I will be an all-TY user - I just needed to have some blanks to play with my new burner. I also picked up a spindle of Verbatim (MCC 03RG20) and they are supposed to be “1st Class”.

Borat, here’s one of my best scans of some RITEKF1 that came under the Memorex brand. I typically get 90% or better quality scans with the RITEKF1 when burning with a Pioneer 111L, A BQ 1650 or a Lite-On 160P6s at 8x. If I burn them at 12x or 16x they produce more errors. I also scan them at 8x in either the BQ 1650 or Light-On 160P6S.

One thing I’ve noticed with this media is that the PIE are typically quite high, even if the PIF rates are good.

Edit: I bought these because Office Max had a price mistake in their national circular for $10 per 100 pack so I bought 4 spindles of -R media. 3 spindles turned out to be RITEKF1. If it weren’t for them being $10 per 100 I wouldn’t have bought them.

I’ll be burning with a Toshiba RD-XS35 home theater burner (how do I know what the actual burner make is?). Should I go no higher than 8x? Also, what are “PIE” & “PIF” sorry for the n@@b dummy questions)? Thank you, Doctor Morbius!

DOCTOR; How often you get %95 or better with these discs?.If you get even with %60 of them then not bad and you can live with it.

Staying with 8X speed in burning these disc is your best bit to get some decent burning.

I’ve burned about 50 of them and would say most of them are between 90% and 95%. The only time they have been lower is when I’ve…

  1. burned at 12x or 16x
  2. burned in an NEC 3550A :Z (needs different firmware)
  3. burned in a very old Pioneer DVR-105

The Pio 111L loves them. Here’s one burned in the Pio 111L and scanned in the LO 160P6S. I don’t scan with the Pio. Again, fairly high PIE rates. 8x seems to be their sweet spot regardless of burner.

Thanks Doc this is a good information to know that this type disc won’t go smooth when burn on NEC 3550 or when burnt @ 12X and 16X. But having major to be burnt @ %90 to %95 Quality scan really is not bad.

They’re not bad. Certainly not great but not bad. I have no idea of the longevity of this media though. But I only paid $10 per 100-pack so for that price they’re just fine.

That is the best price you can get for any brand like OM, OD or staples and the quality you have descibed if is not better tha those it won’t be the lower. So @ 10 cents /disc you can beat it.

Rather good PIFs and high PIEs also seem to be the initial story with some other Ritek flavors. R03 (8x +R) is like that. Unfortunately, those good PIFs don’t tend to age very well in my experience. :disagree:

Could someone please touch on what “PIE” & “PIF” indicate?

Here you go B


This’ll get you started.

That site is totally unscientific and everything on there must be suspect and the webmaster is very biased. His rankings mean nothing to the experts here on CD Freaks. Stick wth media made in Japan, or branded Sony or Verbatim and you will get decent results.

People even rank CMC higher than Ritek, so I rarely and hesitant to buy CMC media, but I do have some CMC media under staples brand because they are so cheap, good for burning chinese movies in series since they are under $7 and coupon here and there to make them even lower than $7 per 50. The only Ritek I have ever owned in my life is their DL media, of course I did not buy them, they came as free gift with purchase of an NEC burner on Newegg a year ago. Got 5 free, used one, and it is just yuk, did not play back on any of my players. So I still have 4 left. I crossed my drive so I dont think the solid burn for this disk is still there, so I guess I have to sacrifice another in order for my benQ to learn the crappiness of it and self adjust the laser accordingly. But I do not have time to waste another disk, so I still have 4 left in individual case. I have ran across all media codes (the ones that give excellent to good to decent result, or CMC and better, nothing worse than CMC) and I haven’t bought any Ritek yet and so should you do the same.

Even though they don’t scan the greatest I have had good luck with my old Ritek G03 and Ritek G04 burns. That being said I stopped using Ritek shortly before the widespread introduction of the G05 media and the widespread reports of compatibility issues and early failure rates, I for one will not touch any of the newer media as they have had far more issues than the old ones have.