Fuji 2 x 50 pack TY's $10.00 @100

grab the dual pack of 50’s this week to get the TY’s at Best Buy 10.00 + tax after rebates TY’s going bye bye soon so if like me you really don’t “need” em grab em anyway or regret it later

ps (sorry val this came too late for your shipment… figures dosen’t it :()

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ps (sorry val this came too late for your shipment… figures dosen’t it :()
That’s all right, Mike :wink: Besides, nobody knows for sure - they can be Prodisc, not TY that we got for $24. :smiley:

it is my experience that the 50 packs are still all TY’s so if you can locate the twin 50’s not the single 100 pack and they are “Fabrique au japon” then you are good to go I will be going out later to grab a pack if I can find the right ones… otherwise why bother :slight_smile: (oh yeah and all the ones slowly floating over to you are TY’s all the rest were cmc and the plasmon cdrw’s)

well I got lucky there is a 5.00 off coupon on the BB website so I ordered them for instore P\U went to the store and found a twinpack ( out the door for 21.xx - the 15.00 rebate which will arrive in like 8 weeks lol … they are confirmed TY’s but as stated only because I could locate some 50 twin packs the 100 packs were all taiwan :frowning:

I just went to my closest Best Buy…no luck…no dual 50 pack bundles…only Taiwan manufactured 100 spindle Fujis…they did have about 25 packs of the individual 50ct…made in Japan…

I wanted to show the picture to the customer service counter and say…hey look, this shows 2-50ct. and this over here is “different”…I think you should let me buy what’s pictured…

But I didnt’…I will wait till the 50ct go on sale and scarf up those…I’m sittin on several packs right now as it is…

the truth is with media prices rising globally even cmc’s or prodiscs are worth the 10 cents per disk price TY’;s are nice but we may need to get used to them being a luxury