Fuji 1x DVD-R



Some shop here is still carrying Fuji 1x DVD-R. It is in a cakebox and has stamped hub codes looking like the CMC CD-R hub codes. apparently there’s some kind of hard plastic spacer above it. The cakebox has a gray bottom, and the shrinkwrap has a red thread in it.

I’m reluctant to buy the 25 pcs cakebox because it is expensive (€ 20). Does anybody know or is able to guess what it is?
I hope it is PVC, but I’m really not sure…


What clued you in that it might be PVC media? The only media code listed for Fuji 1x media at VideoHelp is RITEKG03.


Because it is old. Just a lame guess.
Sigh… PVC media was at least comparable to TY.


PVC, you mean the [I]legendary, mythical[/I] media produced by Pioneer themselves? :eek: :cool:

That is something I would gladly buy! along with anything by Kodak/Mitsui if they were still making media. :bigsmile:


mitsui was good? I have no experience with their dvd media, but i bought a spindle of cdrs a few years ago, and in my cd wallet in the car, they are the only ones that didn’t survive, all the other recordable cd’s in there, still play fine, but the mitsui ones all changed color and were right f’d up :slight_smile:


I know there’s a big difference between Mitsui and MAM-A, but old Mitsui Gold discs were good.
Indeed, I was thinking about media produced by Pioneer Video Corporation. :cool:

InstantInfo says that jewel-cased media was in fact PVC. But I’m not sure, because the jewel-cased media did not explicitly state [B]1x[/B], and the red thread thing reminds me of current Fuji-Ritek cakeboxes which also have a section with holes to rip the shrinkwrap off.
Could anybody post photos of PVC-coded media and their [U]hub codes[/U]? I’ve never seen stamped hub codes with Ritek media, only printed ones.
Which companies made 1x DVD-R, except for Ritek and Pioneer?
I mean, maybe I’m annoying, but I don’t want to make an expensive mistake since I can get almost 50 MCC 03RG20 for the same price… :wink:


Hrm… there’s MXL RG… can’t think of anything else.



Looks like plenty of them did… MCC, Princo, Lead Data, BeAll, Optodisc, etc.


The old unlisted Fujis that I picked up were in fact Taiyo Yuden (1x/2x). I do have some and they don’t list a media ID code, just simply TAIYOYUDEN. These were in 10 packs that came with Jewel cases and were listed as MIJ though. Any idea where they were made?


1x rated DVD media… Jeeeez, where do you live?


Stuttgart is backwards, chef :wink:


Hehe. :wink:
On the other side, some console freaks would die to get those media, you know…


Because they are owned by the idiotic fallacy that burning at 1x or 2x is good?


Yep, the old and shrubby myth…