Fuji 16x -R only burning at 8x on GSA4163B A106



Recently, i got some 16x fuji -r discs, but my burner can only burn them at 8x speeds. Using DVD identifier, the discs are detected as ritekf1. Anyway to burn them at 16x?



The LG only burns -R at 8x and 16x, (no 12x). I seriously doubt that the results of burning this media at 16x will be pleasing, so you’re stuck with 8x. TY G03 is about the only -R that does well at 16x. MCC (Verbatim) 16x -R will produce a readable disc at 16x, but just barely.

Just be happy that you’re getting good quality.


You’re lucky to get 8x with these as the firmware has 6x as being the only available burn speed. I guess it’s because of what [B]rdgrimes[/B] says about -R only burning at 8x & 16x.


Just did a quick burn at 16x for a Verbatim -R disc (MCC 03RG20).

It seeems to be OK - QS of 97, and burned in one of the fastest times at 5.15 mins.


just wondering, how would i test my burned discs for quality?


By using Nero CD DVD Speed maybe.


For Quality Scanning you need a drive supported by CDSpeed - I use a BenQ.

I have uploaded 4 scans today - you can view them in the thread which is this forum - e.g.



Unfortunately you can’t do a quality scan on the LG but with CD-DVD Speed you can do a surface scan which might give you some idea of problems , also a transfer rate test. I think either of these would highlight a bad burn, but not tell you how good it is.

The other thing to consider is that if it plays fine on your standalone then it’s probably OK.