Fuji 16X Prodisc R05 +R not recognized higher than 4X



Even with the A106 firmware update to my LG 4163B the discs are recognized as being only capable of 4X maximum. Has anyone been able to burn these discs at 8X or higher? :a


This code is not in the firmware, so the drive defaults to 4x.

If this is the only drive you can use, try renaming one of the 16x strategies in A105 with MCSE as described in this thread. No guarantees but there is a good chance it will work for you.


From the look of the tests, most tries at re-writing the drive strategy result in bad burns (rings) or other errors. Better I burn at 4X then until such time as a legit firmware becomes available…


Most of those bad burns in the thread posted by agent009 were the result of people using MCSE to overspeed discs (one typical example was someone trying to burn Ricoh 4x DVD+R at 8x).

That is entirely different from what you are doing. For one thing you are trying to burn 16x discs at 16x, so it is not as if you are trying to push the discs beyond the specifications they were made for. For another, the rings you saw were the result of the Z-CLV writing strategy. 16x burns on the 4163B use the P-CAV write strategy not Z-CLV, so you won’t get the rings.

I can’t guarantee you won’t get bad burn quality as you try different write strategies but you may be able to find one that works decently for those Prodisc discs.


I have a pack of the same PRODISC R05, so I’ve done the experiment I earlier suggested and got a good result [considering the low quality of this media]. See it here.