Fuji 16x 50 pack DVD+R and DVD-R for $9.99

BJs Wholesale Club has the FujiFilm 16x 50 piece cakeboxes of DVD+R and DVD-R for $19.99 - $10.00 Instant Rebate = $9.99 + tax. (Instant Rebate coupon available on the coupon rack at the entrance)

I have bought these before and for the DVD+R the media code is PRODISC and they burn pretty decent on the BenQ 1620/1640/1655.

BJs Wholesale Club is just like Costco and Sams Club. However you can get a “One Day Pass” http://www.bjs.com/general/checkusout if you are not a member. Typcally they charge a 15% surcharge is you are not a member.

I dont mess with non-MIJ Fujis

Same here. No need to waste my time and $ on Prodisc.


I concur. That being said at this price they might be good as throwaway media to give to other people.

I mainly use MIJ media myself these days. However, it might be nice to thank the poster for a tip that some may find helpful, rather than running on about how you wouldn’t deign to touch Prodisc media with a barge pole.

With that in mind, thanks, fljoemon! :slight_smile:

(I’m fairly new, and I don’t mean to be snide. But I spend quite a bit of time reading the forums here, and really… civility is a good thing.)

I agree. Although I can understand where some people who spend lots of time in here get frustrated when there are really solid deals that are posted all over the place in here and someone posts a deal on questionable quality media. After all we are all searching for the best possible deal. Either way, restraint needs to be exercised.

I’ve been making the same point here for quite a while, caravan70. Since you are fairly new here you’ll soon learn that people here love to badmouth one persons idea of a bargain.

Time is $! Staples had the MIJ Sony DVD-R 16x (Yuden 03) for $13…lower with a price match from Circuit City or Sears. There are reports about Yuden T02 available at Sears (also price matched to Staples’ $13).

Got that deal a month ago when BB had a sale on Sony , my brother took the ad to the nearby Sears and got me 2 spindles of MIJ Sony T02 for 25.11$ including taxes after PM and 10% off , that was in Nashville TN , the manager told my brother that she’s been working there for 13 years and this was the first time she PMed anything . She asked my brother : how did you know about it ? he said : My brother in Egypt (me!) told me about it :bigsmile:
Unfortunately those 2 spindles were the only T02 left there , so you should act fast before they all are sold out .

I’ve been making the same point here for quite a while, caravan70. Since you are fairly new here you’ll soon learn that people here love to badmouth one persons idea of a bargain.

I remember that , you are right , at least there are good intentions with people posting deals which are good (in their POV) :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen recent TY-made Fuji’s? I’ve seen a new-label spindle for TY CD’s at least.

If they are not MIJ Fujis they not not a bargin, this is a fact. If someone wants to throw away their money on questionable media, when great media is available at the same price it is their choice, but my opinion is to stay away from them, I saw them at Bjs Wholesale Club for 9.99USD for 50 and I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 ft pole.

Outside of CD-Rs I haven’t seen any TY Fujis in over 2 years.

Come on Jesterrace you have to remember those tri colored packs of Fujifilm Tys that Staples had about 6 months ago, I just found some left over stock at a Staples near me.

Sears has the MIJ Fuji/Yuden 8x (T02).

Prodisc media is pretty solid.

Everybodys system and drives are different, the only Prodisc media, I would touch are the ones that they make for Verbatim and yes I have used most different Prodisc media codes without much success. I would rather stick with Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim for the few cents more a disc that they cost. Just my opinion.

I think you should try it. 50pk for $9.99 is pretty good deal.
And also even if it is Prodisc made disc, I found MIT Fuji better than most other brand currently sold in retail stores.
I usually make 3 copies on a 3 different brands/MID unless otherwise data/video is for a short temporary use or give a way. So I have been used almost all available in US and some directly from Japan (such as That’s, TY’s own brand, and Pioneer-no more-). Now a day almost all media in the US are MIT(maybe not just media, but everything else, too :rolleyes: ).
What I use and found to be works great these days are TY(mix of Fuji branded that I stocked about a year ago and Sony branded that I found and stocked rencently, and those that can find easily online-unbranded oem one), Verbatim MIT(I never saw MIS unless is is DL), and last but least one is Fuji.

My drive works great with Fuji (Prodisc) and scan is also good, sometimes better than TYG03.
And it seems that in terms of long term storage, degaradation occurs faster on TY, especially TYG02 in 1 year test I personally did, and Fuji that I burned a year ago with TY and Verbatim in few minutes interval, seems Fuji looked better than TYG02. YUDEN T02 is different story, however. T02 is superior to Fuji +r or Verbatim +r.

So I believe it is depending on your drive that matches the media you use.
You may use this forum and others’ opinion as opinion, but you should not absolutely rely on it.(since most of us that is also including me :stuck_out_tongue: are fans and mania of TY hehe :bigsmile: )

Buy it and try it and if it works great with your drive, then go back and stock up little more spindles for future use. If it is not for your drive or so so, then go back to the store for a refund (most stores usually give you a full refund if you did not used whole spindle and tell them it is not compatible/working with your comp/drive in the US.- I have done about dozen times mainly for Memorex, Ritek, each store branded…) or just keep it for occational give a way to your friends and family for photos, videos, datas, songs, etc. for short term use and for those that you do not want to use expensive premium discs like TY for it(which I usually do with store branded discs I bought last Christmas for $4.99/50pk)

I bought two of the 50 packs of +R a few weeks ago, and they turned out to be RiTEK. They even had that RiTEK smell… it was kind of creepy.
I returned them for a refund, of course.

I’m with you on this one. I’ve never had good luck with Prodisc media. As for the Tri-Colored media at staples, sorry I haven’t seen any. Then again I haven’t spent much time in Staples for the last few months.