Fuji 100 Pack for $39.99 at Best Buy

This should be TY02 media (at least my +R is) GREAT burns w/my NEC 3500…


Note, this is FUJI DVD+R 4x media… :wink:

To my knowledge they should be RICOHJPNR01. But sure, you can burn them at 8x on your NEC with perfect quality. :cool:

was at bb this morn. they are selling the 8x for this price, plus 10% off coupon. chck bargain forum. i posted info there.

Yeah i noticed that they advertise 4x and 8x is always the same price plus i haven’t seen 4x Fuji cakes in my BB in 3 or 4 months.

Same here, all 100ct spindles are the same price.

In store they have the 8x +R made in Japan => YUDEN000 T02.

I looked around none of the BB’s near me have any 8x 100s and I’ve still got some left in this 50, so I’ll hope another sale comes along.