Fuerio - Why does everyone love it?

Ok, I’ve read alot of people recommending Fuerio and saying how great and stuf it is so I installed it today and decided to give it a test try.

I’m getting ripping speeds of around 4x on a CD I tested with other software (including EAC) and was getting speeds of around 19x with.
Also, it’s awkward and not particularly user friendly.
As for the built in jukebox type feature it’s pretty useless compared to a dedicated jukebox program like MediaJukebox so here’s my question.

What does it offer that’s special compared to say EAC when ripping?
What does it offer that’s special compared to say Nero when burning?

Basically, what’s so good about Fuerio and why is it loved so much??

Feurio, specially developped for creating audio cd’s. Feurio has all the options Nero has with respect to copying/creating audio cd’s and more! Feurio can be tweaked extremely good for your reader/writer, because of all its advanced settings. The only thing I miss in Feurio is the secure reading method which EAC uses. If Feurio added this feature it would surely be the best program for ripping/creating audio cds!


Feurio is made for advanced audio creators

Nero - for other (friendly) users. If you get my point here ?
"One size fits all "- kind of thing. Which is not bad, don’t get me wrong here.

But the fact that you are not familiar with the Feurio’s interface and perhaps simply have no idea how to use it, doesn’t mean that the prog is awkward.
Try to study things first before making any premature conclusions

And here’s ABCs :



I’ll play with it some more and try get the hang of it a bit more.

As far as ripping goes though EAC is better and produces better quality rips right? or is that wrong?

And for burning, I didn’t realise there was much difference between burning progs as far as the quality of the burn or anything goes.
I thought it was a case of the burn quality depends on the quality of your burner. :bow:

Once the files are on your HD, the burn quality depends on your burner. It is the process of getting the files to your HD that causes troubles (the extraction process)

For me, the main reason to use Feurio is from the past, and does really not apply anymore, with the arrival of burn-proof.
Feurio has a very rugged burning engine, making it very hard to get buffer-underruns.
On my old PC with a K6 200 MHZ processor and a 2X burner, I could use the PC very little while burning with Nero or CDRwin, for instance. Playing Freecell was ok, :bigsmile: but browsing was impossible. With Feurio, I could burn at the astonishing speed of 2X :smiley: and browse at the same time.

Also, its extraction engine is good. At very scratched discs, where EAC uses 1 hour+ and still produces files with glitches, I have founf Feurio in Burst mode to be better.

But, by all means, if you do not like it, don`t use it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never used Fuerio

I’ve been playing and I’m still getting pretty poor ripping speeds.

Anyone who’s familiar with the program fancy giving me some tips how I can speed up the ripping??

I’ve set read speed to max.

Make sure you set jitter correction to off.
Program->Program parameters, on the sheet Device parameters.
Most drives work fine without Jitter correction, BUT: If the disc is scratched, you may be better off enabling it.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Well, here you go :

Ahead’s flagship products include:

Feurio!: Feurio! is a complete integrated system for recording custom AUDIO CDs. Thanks to its unique user interface, remarkable performance and ultimate reliability, Feurio! has become one of the standard Audio CD recording tool.

Needless to say more

Feurio, simple, quick and quality, thats why ppl like it.


Because Feurio! can defeat the Audio protection Key2Audio very easy…:wink:

Of all of the things listed by the people who like Fuerio, not one, pragmatic, factual item was listed on why it makes rips, burns, decodes, encodes any better than any other. Not that it doesn’t, it is just I don’t get it. Just some questions:
alamski - Fuerio is quick and simple ? It has a much, much, much more difficult learning curve and interface than let us say, Nero, RecordNow, Media Jukebox, all that I have used extensively.

BoSkin - I believe you need to research some real, practical facts. Can’t believe that you quoted marketing material from Ahead that markets the product as something factual. The CNET reviews were rather humorious. One guy said he doesn’t have to listen to the music to see if it came out good, because Fuerio does it for him. Still haven’t read any “practical” reason why it is better than any other audio burning software.

Trondos - You are my hero and you HAVE researched, used various products and have it together. My experience seems to be most like yours. Several years ago, there were big problems with CD compatability between brands, a whole lot of coasters, lack of standards. But know, I honestly can’t tell the difference with my ears between the EAC, Fuerio products and the “easier interface” products like Media Jukebox, Windows Media Player, Nero and RecordNow. Well let me edit that, I find RecordNow to give me more coasters than any other product with it sometimes crapping out in the middle of a burn, yet CNET picks it as its editors choice, not Fuerio !! But when it does complete its burn, it does sound good.

If I have a old CD, an old album, poor scratched up CD, old 2X CD burner, I probably would look to a product like Fuerio, but now, I believe that picking the interface, feature set, ease of use that you like the most is the most important. I don’t think you will hear any difference at all in the result, which is really what it is all about.

PLEASE don’t take any disrespect alamski abd Boskin. I appreciate your input and your opinions and welcome a rebutable from all. You’re both obviously very intelligent and want to help, I just have a very different opinion than yours.



Yes, you won’t hear the difference with WAV burning.
That has always been that way.

But, what happens when WAVs are not multiple of a CD sector?
A ripped WAV from CD, a CD track has to be / is always multiple of a sector, and if its length is modified to a sector non-“compliant” size most audio burning programs will add silence to fill the end of the sector. Instead of filling with silence, Nero, trims the WAV until it is multiple of a CD sector (588 samples), so the work in that track is “discarded” by Nero, although this method is less noticeable than a small silence between songs.
Feurio allows you to have all songs linked without silence and entire. Also you can have perfect positions and silence between songs.

I doubt Media Jukebox has the level of optimization with burner’s drivers that Feurio has. The support for CD-Text in Feurio is usually the best. You can see the actual burning speed while burnin (open “More Details” always).
Feurio can report C2 errors when ripping a disc. Feurio can read index marks when making a compilation (if your drive is able).
Feurio is multitasking. You can read another disc while burning (if your system allows it).

Yes, it’s difficult to learn. But my newbie friends that started with Feurio now can’t look at Nero. The system of projects that are all opened, is great.

Comparing Feurio to any other software is like comparing Total Commander (aka Windows Commander) to Windows Explorer.

Both get the files copied from one folder to another right, don’t they? But the final result is not everything for some of us…

Originally posted by jolo

Still haven’t read any “practical” reason why it is better than any other audio burning software.

Well, if you’re really interested in finding the truth why it is better than any other audio burning software ,
then simply try using demo version of Feurio and see for yourself or at least read Help Topics @Feurio
to figure out what it is all about.
If you’re really intelligent enough you shouldn’t need to be convinced by any1’s opinion here.
Moreover, IMHO, there have been lotta more useful posts on this issue.


:smiley: I have tried Fuerio, many times, in fact I burned four CDs last night after upgrading to the lastest version. I’ve used most of them, but someone always seems to come up with a new one I haven’t tried. I wanted to know if anything changed.
I love learning on hear and love learning from others who really use the stuff. This is one of the few places where people are a crazy as me where of one things works, then let’s try another to see if it works better. I’m afraid most people’s favorites is the one that they have and the one that they know.

I am a licensed user of Fuerio, RecordNow, CDClone, Nero and Media Jukebox. I do use different ones for different purposes, for examples for VCD and SVCD movies, I exclusively use Nero because when properly encoded, they come out the best.

My point is very much like Nila. In my opinion the software used is the least important part of the process. Much more important is newer, quality hardware. For example, the CD-TEXT feature means nothing if the CD Writer ignores CD-TEXT. bY Far, the most important component is the use of great sounding source. Garbage in, garbage out. I am in LOVE with all of the remastering of older recordings that are out.

To get back to the point, I believe it is a matter of style. For Nila for example, I don’t think Fuerio is a good choice. I sounds like she wants to plug in a CD, click on a button and have it burn quickly and efficently, not hang around and watch statistics going on the screen. Check out some software that has a easier interface, not complicated and assumes you want a fast accurate burn. IMHO Media Jukebox does it all and does a great job ripping and burning. There is nothing to have to get used to and has a really fast learning curve. There are others which you can demo. If you are interests in the results, speed and less hassle, then I would move away from Fuerio.

If you are interested in controling all of the events and have some crappy media you need to work with then Fuerio might be worh the time.

The bottom line is that whatever software you use, then end product is not going to sound better, so if you are not interested in all of the control factors involved, don’t waste you time. Get something that will burn fast and has a simple interface.


Feurio! , that is. Well, if you get my simple point here ?

Btw, I’m a frequent user of PlexTools as well. :wink:

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
I have never used Fuerio

That’s a copy. Tried EAC once more today. Worked better this time around but it’s SO slow and there’s really no difference in sound quality versus MP3s I ripped w/ audiocatalyst. Say what you will, I don’t have freaking dog or bat ears like some users do, I’ll stick w/ CBR 192 and high speed ripping w/ audiocatalyst.

Originally posted by Stoner

That’s a copy. Tried EAC once more today. Worked better this time around but it’s SO slow and there’s really no difference in sound quality versus MP3s I ripped w/ audiocatalyst. Say what you will, I don’t have freaking dog or bat ears like some users do, I’ll stick w/ CBR 192 and high speed ripping w/ audiocatalyst. [/B]

i don’t use AudioCrapalyst either :slight_smile:

I’ll stick with EAC and Lame 192CBR to rip Audio cd’s to mp3. And if i ever need to make audio cd’s of them again i just fire up Nero and it does it job. I hardly use the audio cd format anymore since i got a car stereo with mp3 compatibility :slight_smile:

First one common misconception : EAC is slow only if you set it to slow (secure ripping). Set it on “burst mode”, and it will be as fast and good as any other ripper, it won’t detect errors anymore, that’s all.

About Feurio and why is it good : I know two audio burning tools from memory that can be used freely : Feurio and EAC (there are maybe some others that I don’t remember right now), and Feurio supports more burners than EAC.