FTP Xbox to PC



Hey there,

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who could help me so I can access my Xbox through my PC via FTP.

So here’s the lowdown:
I have a wireless internet connection that goes to the PC I want to connect to my Xbox. I already have Xbox Live therefore I have a cross network cable that runs from the PC to the Xbox.

The problem:
I realise you have to set up all this IP stuff, and as I have Xbox Live, it automatically detects all the IP settings so that’s where I am stuck. I’ve attempted to connect them both many times before, but failed. I have the FlashFXP FTP program and I’ve read a few tutorials on how to do it. The FTP program says it connects to the Xbox, but then it says it fails.

All help is appreciated! Thanks! :iagree:


Okay, first of all your XBOX is modded and you have a modified dashboard, right? (ie Evox, Unleash X). Second you should have an option in FlashFXP that says “Quick Connect” when you select the connection icon. This allows you to enter in several IP addys and userids and passwords. Do you have an upgraded HD or a stock HD?


Oh … I need a modded dashboard. Where do I get one of them from? lol.


you will also have to have a modchip or soft mod. The down side is that if you dont do it right you could get banned from Xbox Live.


Hmmm, I’m not sure if it is worth the risk then because I enjoy playing on Xbox Live.


i didnt think u needed a moded dash board just a modchip?


To connect to the XBOX, a FTP server on the XBOX should be running. Various (alternative) XBOX dashboards, such as UnleashX, EvoX and Avanlaunch feature such a server. So does XBMC. It’s not like the FTP server is in the modchip, that’s all software.


Yup and of course the MS Dashboard doesn’t support that feature. @the original post, given what you are looking for, I wouldn’t bother with the mod or this whole idea.