FTP server question

Is there any way to run FTP server if you are on LAN ?

Of course FTP-servers works on LAN too. Imagine the internet as one big LAN :slight_smile:
Sorry for laughing a little at your question, but it’s like asking if your car works on gravel as well as tarmac :wink:

Good FTP-server programs are Serv-U and BP-FTP Server

I know this server will run on my LAN, but how will anyone else not from this LAN get
into it. My IP is type and this cannot be accesed from outside the LAN or can it ?

Depends on how much trojans , routers and firewalls you have.

Just get some freeware server (there are even those who can encrypt data) and tell your buddies to login using ws_ftp or total commander.

and tell your buddies to login using ws_ftp or total commander

Sorry, but I don’t understand you. I have BulletProof server runnig. My network ip is and I have my local ip ( type ). How can anyone outside this LAN connect to my server ?
Connecting to with FTP client doesn’t help so what should I do ?

Your buddies need to conect to your internet ip# and you have to tell your network configuration that all connections should be transferred to your local ip#. This is called Network Adress Translation.

you have to tell your network configuration that all connections should be transferred to your local ip#

Too bad because I can’t do that.

Anyway thanks for your time.

are you using a router of some kind to share your internet connection? If so, you’ll have to tell the router to forward traffic to the private IP of the machine running the server, as well as possibly having to open up the port the FTP is running on.

I don’t have the rights to access the router.

Originally posted by millenium
I don’t have the rights to access the router.

:eek: :confused: :eek:

It’s YOUR router , isn’t it ?

Yea, or check what ports you have open or available to you, usually port 21 is open for ftp stuff. is usually what linksys has as default ip assignemnts for local ip’s. If your ftp client can’t assign a specific port to use, try a program called GuildFTPd, google search for it.

P.S. - if you do have a Linksys, you will soon learn how much NAT sucks, my AIM transfers never worked with it, switched to D-Link, all is now fine.

Originally posted by millenium
I don’t have the rights to access the router.

what kind of lan / internet setup do you have

Well it’s kind of hard to explain what LAN I’m on… My ISP has one IP for all the copmuters ( there are about 3000 of them ) . Different computers have different gateways but are at last connected to one machine. If I’m not mistaken we connect using LAN city modems which have integrated ruoters. So I’m kind in a LAN that is already in a LAN.

The only thing that could help me is some sort of server which would be in the middle between my FTP server and FTP client. It should free me from incoming connections by converting them to simple download connections. Is there such a service somwhere ?

try this it’s what i use for my ftp and its free. just make an account then select a name for your host (eg. xxxx.homelinux.org) and download DeeEnEs and run it then enter the account details into DeeEnEs and you’ll be up and running.

of course you’ll have to setup your ftp server to the new host

Thanks for this link because it might get handy in the future. But not for now I don’t understand how it can help me… This thing gives you a hostname and can deal with dynamic ip’s, but how can it help me ?
It points right to the LAN which has 3000 users and doesn’t accept incoming connections. If I’m wrong then please explain me how should I use this service properly.

sounds like the problem is accessing the routers config, in general. the best option, sadly, would be to call the ISP, or refer to their website, and ask about hosting. my provider went off on me for trying to have a static ip. maybe yours is the same way?

you’ll end up having to open the ftp port - which they wont like. another option - probably your best, is to use port 80 (http) for your ftp server. they cant block / restrict that, right? perhaps that will work, but NAT is a fickle beast. best of luck, keep posting.

also, check out www.dslreports.com - they have loads of info about getting around various ISP restrictions legally.

Port 21 should be open unless the ISP has it closed for all inbound/outbound traffic. Call your isp and see if the have it closed. Although it should be open.

Any machine on the lan should be able to see that ftp. Can you access the machine by opening a ftp program and see if you can connect to it yourself. By this I mean, Put in the internal ip number (192.xx.xx.xx or whatever it is.) If you have went in and create rules for Read/Write, Deny, NoAccess then the machines that are allowed in will still be able to access the information.
Permissions for FTPs can be weird sometimes, just dont group a Noaccess to soemthing because with that one no one connect to it.

Oh by the way what OS are you using?