FTP Server Problems

Hi eveyone

I decided to try and setup an FTP Server on my other machine, I gave WS FTP Server V5 a try and it all seemed to work ok apart from I can’t access it from the internet… I can connect to it using another machine on my LAN using the IP address my router assigns but when I try to connect using my routers internet IP it can’t find it… I’ve set my router to forward anything on port 21 to the FTP machine… anyone have any ideas?

I also tried getting a mate to try it from his house incase there was any problems with the router looping back on itself but still nothing

I noticed that on the FTP machine the “FTP Publishing” service isn’t started and when I try to start it I get Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deleletion… when I check dependencies under properties is says “No Dependencies”

My router is a Netgear DG834G and all the machines are XP Sp2

I think I would of tried Xampp. It has the whole setup. MySQL, PHP, Apache web server, Pear, perl, FileZilla FTP server, Etc. It loads easy. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Bit of overkill for a simple ftp server.

give SERV-U a try its a very good ftp server and very simple to set up

I got FTP Publishing Service working and tried the built in FTP Server in XP Pro I also tried Serv-U but its still the same… no matter what prog I use to set it up it seems I end up with the same result eg. I can access the server using the LAN address but not my internet IP… my Router mustn’t be letting it through dunno how to check though… I’ve set it up the same way as I did with VNC just forwarding port 21 instead of 5900

It is overkill but it is just so easy to setup it works without much effort or knowledge. :wink:

I got my mate to try it again from his house there about 5 mins ago and it worked :slight_smile: it must have been working after I got the FTP Publishing server working it was just my router doesn’t let me loop back on itself

Glad you got it running.
I’ve been maintaining our servers at work one of which has Titan ftp, and anonsite contact crm database, and another with print, fax and scan server programs. It can be fustrating, especially if you don’t have any knowledge
of the programs, but it can be satisfying when you get stuff to work!
(not implying you dont know what you are doing!)

Another nice package is Apache2triad, been using it for atleast a couple of years now