Ftp serve-u



Anyone know where i can get key gen or crack for serve-u 2.5b Been looking but havent found it yet...thanks


Found a keygen for 2.5a on a CD

Name: Snipe
Comp: Killer
Code: kJ0VAot3kTE,Snipe,Killer

And if your FTP site is good please give me a username + password



Thanks anyways i already have that key gen dosent work with 2.5b…need to find one for this ver or the latest ver…dont have my ftp up yet till i get a crack or serial because it gives me a one hour time limit…when i find one that works i will post my ftp address…thanks for the help…


get it here

But… 2.5b has probs. Some security issues and its not to hard to simply crash the site. You should get the later version and use the following

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