Ftp Help



Hello Can anyone help me out with a link to a site which can expalin ftp and what it does please and which ftp programe is best :slight_smile:


I use www.cuteftp.comon the site you’ll find more details of how to use the program and what ftp is/does :slight_smile:


leechftp is the best for downing from ftp pubs …
he download 5 or more files at the same time … so it is faster then cute does :wink:
FlashFXP is the best for FXP stuff from a distro to a pub :slight_smile:


Ftp is a sort of protocol, and is very usefull for uploading things, like HTML to your server…
Uploading = Send data from ‘your pc’ to another PC…

I always use CuteFTP… :slight_smile: