Ftp Client questions

is it posible to simultaleously download files from more than 1 ftp at a time?

with WS_ftp Pro once files have been selected and download comences you cannot explore the ftp, or any other ftp’s. the window is lockedout till transfer is complete.

thx for any help


of course it is… just execute ws_ftp once more…

i’ve once downloaded 15 items using about 5 ws_ftp programs.

Of course i don’t know if you can access the ftp site with more than 1 connection , that’s up to the sysop of the ftp server.


how was i to know that you could run mutli windows of WS_ftp

thx for telling me

now i’m a :wink: MaN


btw can i do ftp searches on non-predefined sites???

thx for the info

non-predefined sites?/

Search for fxp forums. We are not allowed to go in to indepth detail.

Originally posted by sherman1
can i do ftp searches on non-predefined sites???

you can…

i can turn you in if you scan mine and it bothers me :slight_smile:

by the way , you can execute more windows programs more than once (15 dos boxes is cool , just as 37 explorer windows).