FTI Falcon Media White Inkjet Hub Printable 16X DVD-R

Hey I’m needing to order some single layer Falcon Pro’s again and it looks like the 8x (great media and I’ve always used) aren’t readily available only 16x.

Do these Falcon Pro’s from Supermediastore http://www.supermediastore.com/produ...04000536-100pk and these from Disc Makers http://www.discmakers.com/shop/ItemD...D=DVD034-00002 appear to be the same disks?

I’ve ordered from Disc Makers before with no problems but not Supermediastore (which has the cheaper price) any preference on who to order from? Thanks!


No one can give me any help where is Dean when you need him.:frowning:

Ok looking at the SuperMediaStore disks label on the spindle it says “For Corporate Use” which until I found the thread on Falcon BD-R’s I wasn’t even aware they had a Corporate/Value line.

After contacting Disc Makers they told me most of Falcon media they sell is the Corporate line but it seems to me it shouldn’t be listed as Falcon Media Pro on their website kind of confusing… unless all of their media falls under the umbrella of the Falcon Pro brand?

Stupid me I just realized I had been ordering Falcon Pro’s from Supermediastore in the past :o my account shows I had ordered both of these:
FTI FalconMedia Pro White Inkjet Hub Printable 8X DVD-R Media 100 Pack in Plastic Wrap (Product Code: DV 001 3859)
FTI FalconMedia Pro White Inkjet Hub Printable 8X DVD+R Dual Layer Media 50 Pack in Cake Box (Product Code: DV 004 2827)

Bottom line do you think both of the above were indeed the Corporate/Value line if so I’ve never had a bit of trouble with them?:confused: Is all Falcon Pro media sold in the US the C/V line?

Like you, Dean got me started on these and hubby’s group has gone thru two pallettes of them without unintentional coaster-making.

Here are a few other stores to consider: Blue Media store…

Mega Media Mall…


to see what deals you can find.

We’ve run thru their excellent Silvers and their Whites, but recently tried their Pearly Whites (or are those Pearly Silvers? Well, they’re a white-faced label) and the Pearly’s have the same satiny, almost 3-D finish that the Silvers have always had.

But like the Silvers, they look terrific on graphics but if I’m needing to print Clear, Easily Read Text, the matte White surfaces deliver that aspect.

We occasionally do 2-disc “sets” - a Disk 1 and Disk 2 set - and the Pearly Whites aren’t as distinguishable from Matte White as I prefer. I can immediately tell Silver from White/Pearly White, though, but I have to twist the Pearly Whites compared to a Flat White unless the label contains a large text field to read.

This has sort of confused our inventory folks - do we really NEED 3 ‘surfaces’ instead of 2? “Need” is the wrong word, of course. “Want”?

Thanks Christine I wasn’t aware of these stores Blue Media seems to be the cheapest and it even says “For Professional Use” on the label just what I was looking for and I can even get 8X if I want… was beginning to wonder if all that was sold in the US was the C/V line.:bow:

All I have ever tried is their standard White and it looks and prints great to me!


(A day later…)

If I’m doing a graphics- or logo-intensive print-job, then the Silvers and those Pearly Whites yield an exceptional comment-producing label.

But if I wanted to do something with a lot of text that required reading, I use the Plain White’s.

For example… if I was doing an Audio CD backup and wanted to list all songs, times, instrumentation, version numbers, etc, I’d use Plain White and maybe a smaller thumbnail of the Album Cover.

Or, if these are company backups with a variety of folders printed, with a backup date or other details, I’d definitely use Plain White.

But if I was making a home-video colection, I might stamp a couple of screen-caps on it, slam a big Date Of Video title and that’s enough - those could be beautifully done on Pearly Whites or Silvers where ‘reading’ wasn’t so critical.

If you’ve used other vendors (TY, Philips, etc.) Silvers, the Falcons have far less ‘inner ring’ permutation, too. Normally, this is almost like a opposite-lighting effect but the Falcons seem to use a process so the ‘silver particle alignment’ goes in the same direction into that Inner Hub area so there’s little more than a slight linear ring for differentiation. Very nice.