FTI 016 DVD+R Disc's



I was wondering if anyone had some experience with the following DVD+R type :

Emtec DVD+R 16x FTI 016 (Falcon Technologies International)

Are they any good ?


I guess they’re nothing special but ok.
(Made in the Emirates.)

You can find some scans of their 16x DVD-R media (FTI RG16) here:
I expect their DVD+R to be similar quality.


I have these. Only problem is that I have hardly time to do some testing.
I might be able to do some testing next weekend.

What I can say is the following.

Bonding: GOOD but ugly looking like Ritek
Smell: Quite Smelly
Overall construction quality: Looks ok.
video playback on my Philips dvd player and ps2 was fine. (Had to use one as second disc, because I ran out of other media.)
Also I personally feel that support might be quite drive dependant on this media.



This is the first time I ever see anything Made In The Middle East (Or should I say The Gulf Area) :bigsmile:

Scans look ok though


Same here, very surprised they would have a media plant there.