FTC settles with two operators of infamous fake Microsoft tech support scam

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/ftc-settles-two-operators-infamous-fake-microsoft-tech-support-scam-82912/

The American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has settled with two Microsoft scammers. The criminals tried to convince internet users that their computer was infected with malware and then billed them hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs.

[quote]Besides that the scammers are not allowed to ever get involved with tech
support, they also are not allowed to ever falsely claim to be
affiliated with a tech company and to perform any kind of deceptive
telemarketing. [/quote]And how are they going to enforce that? Sounds more like a joke here…

[quote]Last, but not least, the settlement also imposes a $2 million judgment, most of which is suspended.[/quote]Wish I could get my debts suspended indefinitely as well.

Boy, the FTC is so inept, they can’t even punish the tech support scamers they’ve already caught. They settle under unenforceable terms, charge them a small fee, and suspend said charge. I’ll bet these scammers are hunting for new victims right now. What a pathetic joke.