FS0F Firmware & Ritek G04s

Hey all,

I’m thinking about buying a large spindle of Ritek G04s DVD-Rs. With the firmware update, are people having success with these discs? I hear they burn fine, but I hear that some can’t play them in standalones. I plan on using DVD X Copy Xpress and X Copy to make backups, and Sonic DVD to author my own. Thoughts?


There are many topics on this subject - try doing a search.

I personally would not buy a large spindle, rather a small amount to test with - there seems to be alot of different grade G4`s about - Some people have great success with them, other don’t.

How do Imation DVD+Rs work on the 411S?

I got a 25 pack at PCClub for 20 great deal. They are RitekG04’s. Here is what my first burn looks like on KProbe. Burn’t 4x read at 4x with ECC set to 8. I read them at max speed and had ecc set to 1 and had a better read but this is how the media forums want you to set it up I did that so there was no confusion. Here is the new scan with 4x and ecc 8. Still very nice results.


Anyone had any luck with the Ritek G04s at Rima.com?


I’ve also had great success with Ritek G04 purchased from PC Club.
All DVD-Rs have been burnt at 4x, and so far will play fine in my Koss KD365 and Apex AD-1100W standalone players.

Only problem is in my old Philips DVD704, which doesn’t recognize the discs, but the player is probably too old…

The site list them as generic, and some people have gotten non-Riteks a while back.

How can I tell if the ones in the store are Riteks?



I ended up buying a spindle of Ritek G04 DVD-Rs from newegg. 4x. 55 bucks for 50 pieces. Can’t do much better than that. And with newegg, you can’t go wrong; ie you know what you’re buying. :slight_smile:

I hear these are one of the few media that work well with the 411s. Lets hope I heard right! :slight_smile:

Originally posted by PinchyCM
How do Imation DVD+Rs work on the 411S?

Imations DVD+Rs works great. Backed up 2 DVDs with no problems. The ones I got were manufactured by Ricoh and they were 4x…bought it from Office Depot. I have the 411S with the latest firmware 0F.

For DVD-R, TDKG02 stinks with the 411S FS0F. So avoid that if you can.

TDKG02 works decently with Pioneer drives though.

orderd a 50piece of ritek g04s from newegg. hope they work well :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it is the same for other brands or not but the Riteks that I got from PCClub have a purpleish bottem so that is something to look for for sure. Also the cake box that I bought wasn’t sealed in any way so it should be pretty easy to sneak a peak and see what color you’re getting.

Hope this helps

sneaky. too bad i order all my media online. :slight_smile:

my g04s should be here by friday. i’ll let u all know how it goes :slight_smile:

burnt 40+ g04’s & not a single coaster yet(touch wood).

i have used the orange top riteks & datasafe riteks & in my opinion these are excellent media.

both work in my standalone dvd player & my ps2. :smiley:

the spindle just came in -

50 pack of g04s, unbranded riteks, from newegg, with purple dye (i think that’s a good sign :))

trying to burn a disc now. be back with results :slight_smile:

success. burned at 4x, plays in standalone, and all my dvd players. good stuff :slight_smile:

Yes, the Ritek 4x DVD-R and the FSOF 411S makes the perfect combination. :slight_smile: Ritek’s continue to get cheaper, about $1 a disc now. :wink:

it sure looks that way, i’ve burned 3 dvds, and they’ve all worked great!

Ive also just just burned my first 4x ritek GO4 with the 411S no probs burned a dvd movie in 15 mins.

Hi peoples

After reading and reading and READING the Liteon forums after fatefully buying the 411, I have tried all sorts of media and thought I come across my media saviour in Ritek G04. I have come across 2 types of Ritek G04s so far. One of them have a White top and purple underside, and another one has silver Top and Purple Underside.
I bought the white tops and have had 50% sucess with 8 DVDs when burning Movies.
The silver tops, i have had 3 out of 3 good burns. Wondering what the heck is going on with DVD-Rs that come out of the same damn factory. WTF!?!?!

BTW, I tried 2 Princos and got a perfect 2 out of 2. Should i be bowing to the Princo just yet??

About to trash my 411 Grrr