Frys Ultra Case - Free AR - shipped (again!)



These are a steal especially for free. I have one rig running in one now, one system I built for my father-in-law, two in reserve, and #5 on the way. Solid, well built case with good airflow. You guys know the drill.


Thanks for the heads up, got 1 and probably a coupla more later on.

Edit - make sure ya pick ground shipping and then the shipping is free.


Looks pretty good and solid shape mid tower.


No more rebates for me. I will spend the extra $$$ and get a case with PS and fans.

Better yet I will get a Dell dude. LOL

I have yet to get a Dell that did not work and is still working (last 7 years).

I had forgotten how painful buying MOBOs and getting them to work was. When It is all said and done, it would have been cheaper to buy a Dell or HP at the small business site deals with one year free home service.


Interesting. I’ve had exactly half the Compaq/HP’s that my company bought 3 1/2 years ago have proprietary power supplies die, causing us to have to spend an additional $230 each for just a crappy 230W Compaq-only power supply.

Meanwhile, I’ve yet to experience a DOA motherboard or CPU, and the lone PSU for my personal fleet that died I was able to replace for a mere 45 bucks.

I did have great luck with a Gateway, however. Got it back in 1998 and just retired it last year. Gotta love that old 440BX chipset. Perhaps the finest ever.


Yep, at work we have Dells (300 units) we can not wear these out before they become outdated and buy new ones. My last work place had COMPACS and they were problematic. Never owned an HP. the Two Gateways I had never wore out.


Dell GX280’s. Bad mobos and bad hard drives. Nothing but problems.


Some people can build their own and nearly always save money and or get better quality . Some people are better off letting someone else do the building. The smart people know which type they are :wink:


Yep :wink: I bought one of these free last time and put some nice colored Antec fans in it and i like it fine but wished it had the clear plastic side on it.


Meanwhile, back ON topic… :wink:

Here are some noteworthy terms for the rebate:

02/28/2007 - 03/28/2007
Requests for rebate must be postmarked within 30 days from purchase date.
The address on your rebate application must match the address on the receipt, invoice, or packing slip.
Limit one rebate offer per person, billing address, company, household, organization, and receipt/invoice during eligibility period.
Only one rebate application per envelope.
…the rebate check must be cashed within 90 days from the date of mailing.
Ultra Products is not responsible for late, lost, misdirected or postage due mail.
Please allow 8 – 10 weeks to receive your rebate check.

Here are a few other things that caught my attention:

…Ultra’s Wizard will quickly become the best-selling case of all time!
I guess so, at this price! :smiley:

[B]…8 drive bays (4 external and 5 internal)…[/B]

“Up-Font” USB & Firewire
Why would I care what font they use?

…at an unbelievably low price!
Well, they certainly got THAT right!

I guess I’ll order one.


Ditto/ very nice case and PS so far. Just my MOBO purchase was a complete mistake on my part.


It came today, looks good!! The rebate form will be in the mail tomorrow :smiley:


Heres a link to the cases homepage.

At first glance it looked exactly like the older Antec 1030 SOHO case, which I loved for building systems. It says that the 6 3.5" bays are removable, is it quick release like the antec had or are there a dozen screws holding them in?

Looks like a decent case for a everyday pc. Price… I wonder what their marketing strategy is, they do need to make money at some point. As long as it’s not ours!


They musta forgot the screws on mine :bigsmile: …looks all rivieted in. Only 8 screws to the whole case I can see. 2 thumbscrews for the left side cover, 2 screws for the right side cover and 4 screws for the 1 bay with 5 1/4 to 3 1/2 rails. And they musta forgot the rubber feet on the bottom of the tower too :iagree:


I didn’t mail my rebate in until 3-19 but got an email today

The Ultra Rebate Processing Center has completed processing your submission for the following offer:

Ultra $40 MIR on Wizard Mid-T ATX Case through Fry’s/

Offer#: HU412686
Submission ID: XXXX

Your rebate check has been mailed and you should receive it shortly.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your submission, you may contact us either on-line or by phone:

Phone: (866) 871-4973


It doesn’t do much for me.


Welcome to the forum
it is the user who can maximize the usage out of it. The case would just be an aninimate object and if you sit it on the table, it will sit on the table and do nothing. So it is the user who can turn it into a useful object. I think the case is very good for building a basic and solid system


That can be said about most anything you have on a table in your domicile. But I’d rather look at something attractive.

You can get attractive and functional cases (without spending a fortune). I’ve seen them. :wink:


My check came today!!! 4 outta 5 so far with rebates from Ultra…1 more to submit.

And I like the power on light on the Wizard case…blue… matches my eyes :bigsmile:


What are you do with 5 cases?.