Fry's OMG

I have been reading about the DVD specials Fry’s has here and imagined it as a Circuit City. I live in Alabama and finally got to visit the Fry’s Computer Outpost in Atlanta.

OMG. If you every get a chance, GO THERE!

It is like a walmart supercenter sized store combining the inventories of CompUSA, Best Buy, and vintage 1980’s Radio Shack! IT WAS AMAZING!

The prices weren’t the best, but that’s what ads are for!

They had oscilliscopes, 10"+ celestron telescopes, walls with hands on samples of motherboards & harddrives, more Anime DVDs than walmart has total dvds, toys, everything!!!


They tend to sell stuff near cost when it is advertised and they are sometimes a good place to find harder to find stuff. Still, be carfull about a few things. They could care less if you get your rebate (and they must have got sued because they now have slips of papers at the register that they give everyone telling you rebates are not thier responsibility). Their sales people are commision and are trained to know exactlly how profitable every single item is. Not only is their employee discount based on profit margin, so is their commision. They are required to know not only what items have a high margin, but what brands within a certain type of items are high margin. Dont trust anything a sales person tells you. The computer termanals are set up so that the sales person can check the profit margin on an item in a matter of seconds.
Still, the selection and if you are a very carefull shopper, the prices are good.
Also beware of the little white sticker. They will knock a pethetic amount off of returned items that are used, and sometimes defective and doing a return/exchange can really be a pain (a half hour to exchange for the same item). Refusal of returns on some items even though no policy is posted. In the past they have even tried to test computer components right then while you are there, and try to charge you a restocking fee claiming it’s not defective, even if it is just an exchange(much higher than the discount they are going to give when they try to resell it). I’m not sure if they still do that though (havent seen anyone testing anything right there at the return counters latlly).
It can bee a good place to shop, but you have to be an extra carfull consumer when shopping there.

just to add to what ripit said…

Its a great place to shop when you know exactly what you want and have knowledge on the stuff you’re intending to buy.

Don’t belive the sales person a lot of them don’t know anything about the products they are selling and a lot of them will give you some BS info/or story with a straight face. Can’t tell you the number of times I heard a salesperson say that there is no difference between the brand in burners/media

frys has a history of not testing their returns and just putting them back on the shelve so be carefull of that white sticker.

Unless you are picking up something from the cage then you have no need for that white paper a sales peson prints out for you. Its for their commision and a lot of them will try to add the stuff you took your time to pick up.

If you go in for some other stuff always take a look at the media rack sometimes they have great prices that are not advertised…but they also have ridiculous prices on some media