Frys in store antec fans

In case you missed out when they had them for 5$ a week or two ago, frys has antec 120mm fans in their friday ad for 5.99. The one listed in the ad is the plain clear one I think. On their web site, all of them including the dbb ones are 5.99 but show sold out (I’m guessing but haven’t verified that they are all that price in store too). 80mm fans are 3.99, pci slot fans are 3$, wide pci slot fans are 6$, spot cool is 10$ etc. It might be a ymmv for what they have.
Here is the ad
Its in small print above the motherboards
and what they are whowing on their website (some items are in stock for shipping).

Fyi, You might be able to do some price matching if you are local to frys and save more. Circuit city has 80mm fans for 10$ and 120mm for 20$. I got 5 of the 120mm blue lit fans at circuit city for 4.59 each (110% price match). Of course it might be a ymmv depending on what your local frys has (they didn’t call and verify when I got them and the newspaper ad just says antec 120mm fans).