Frys Grand Opening Sale 24 Seasons 1-4 24.99 Many More!

Here are some great deals on DVDs for frys in my area Looks like the 24 is 19.99 in the Alpharetta location.

24 Seasons 1-4 24.99 each at Frys Southern CA.
Looney Tunes Golden Collections 1-3 are 27.99 Each

Any one confirm elseware? Also found this.

Sale runs through 11/07. Also:

Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-9 $19.99 each
Simpsons Seasons 1-8 $19.99 each
Deadwood Season 1 $49.99
Carnivale Season 1 $49.99
Hellsing Complete Collection $19.99
Godfather Collection $24.99
Indiana Jones Collection $24.99

normal weekend sale prices on those dvd’s
northern california:
same ad, different newspaper:

But they are still great deals!!

Fry’s runs some pretty good deals in their ads. Its too bad their normal prices aren’t always as good.