Fry's Friday sales AD



A couple of real good deals in thier ad I thought i would point out:

  1. Acronic True Image 8.0 for $24.99, no rebates needed. Excellent software that you do not see on sale very often. That is half the retail price.

  2. Maxell color slim line jewel case. $9.99 for a 100 pack.

  3. Epson R300 printer. $69.99 after 420.00 rebate. This is a very nice printer that can print on CD/DVD directly and also has built-in memory card slots.The also have the R200 on sale for $49.95 after rebate. sinilar to the R300 but does not have the memory card slots. Both are remanufactured units.

I am not going to mention any of the DVDs on sale. Same deals every week and poor media quality also.




Thanks for the info Bra-

That certainly is a kicka$$ price for the Acronis True Image 8 - which is the VERY best backup and restore program IMO-