Fry's - Friday, July 27, 2012



Fry’s has re-dropped their Hitachi 4Tb drive price back to $249. The biggest news is the small print - now, they have upped the ‘allowed purchase’ to 2 per person - 2 at a time, that is. Walk out to the car, drop those two off, come back in and get two more, that’s fine, too.

This $249 price was offered about 7 or 10 days ago for a few days with an “Only 1 Per Household” limit, then it went up to $299 earlier this week.

I assume about Zero were sold! Good.

These are still $50 too much, and we’re predicting these will be in the $170-190 range in a couple of months. Wholesalers are offering boxes (two dozen or three dozen) for about $210/each right now, but those will probably be in the $140 range, giving a barely-decent margin.

I want to see HDD prices plummet because I think this will an interesting counterbalance to the populist movement to pads and tablets, but I’m not certain that HDDs or any local storage will have value once Full Urbanization takes over, and no humans exist outside of a few mega-city-limits. (I’m thinking of FIFTH ELEMENT-BLADE RUNNER city squallor - oooh, yes, we’re ALL looking forward to THAT day, eh?)


Serious? $140? Not this year… or next… 4tb drives might break $175 by the end of 2013… this is presupposing HDD makers actually start making drives larger than 4TB… which is NOT given based on the rate of innovation coming out of the handful of companies left!

Fry’s is aggressive on pricing but understand this… their competitors are NOT… so in general, they are less likely to buy these in volume to push down the price anytime soon because they don’t want to get burnt on the wholesale prices dropping. Not even Amazon or Newegg buy certain tech products in LARGE volume. The USA economy in particular is not that good and the guess that prices on products become cheaper due to low demand is false, it gets MORE expensive… breaking with the past…


I also think the way 3TB external HDD’s were handled left a bad taste in the mouth of the average consumer. All you have to do is read the bad reviews compared to their 2TB counterparts. I’m not sure if 3TB just aren’t reliable or it’s just 1) bad enclosure or 2) 3TB not being natively supported and people being to lazy to change a few options.


We haven’t had any failures with the Hitachi 3Tb’s, and we’d put out about 200 when they were first arriving - in that 2nd month. All at a retail of $139, too. 2Tbs were $89-99. All pre-Flood, too.

At the time, our wholesalers were saying PC Parts Biz was booming, and it’s cratered greatly since last Fall - and regardless of the pundits’ claiming all other factors - I still think “incredibly high obviously-overpriced HDDs” is the big factor. That’s opened the door to every other factor - tablets, etc. Well, if that’s what the PC Parts Biz wants, that’s what they’ll get!

But I’d still like to see a $40 price differential between $90 2Tbs up to $180 priced 4Tb.

This Fry’s ad, by the way, is for the 7200 RPM version, which hasn’t been getting As Good Of Reviews as the ‘green’ 5900 RPM version. I am left suspecting that these 7200s are actually old inventory, because NewEgg isn’t selling these at all. Only Fry’s seems to be offering them.



There are Seagate 4Tb externals that go for $209 online. It’s easy to strip the drive from the GoFlex case.