Fry's Electronics Has BenQ 1640 On Sale Again

Fry’s Electronics has the following among many other thing on sale:

  1. Seagate 400GB HD $119.99 No Rebate

  2. HI-VA DVD+/-RW 16X writer (mostly likely BenQ 1640 or 1670) $29.99 with $10 MIR.

  3. General Quality Brand of DVD+R spindle of 50 for $9[/QUOTE

Don’t forget that for the Maxtor SATA 200GB HD you can ask for the pricematch @Staples the use $15 coupon and %12 Customer Appreciation coupon ($69.99-$15-%12) = $50 which excellent buy.

Edit: the maxtor 200GB HD (SATA) is also on sale in Fry’s today’s ad for $69.99.

If you like Maxtor that is. They haven’t been producing the greatest quality HDs as of late. To each their own though. :wink:

it is not the 1640 anymore, it is the 1670, good luck finding the 1640. Maxtor drives are ok, I haven’t had any problems with it, I used it as a spare drive and I abused it a lot since it is a spare drive. And it has been 3 yrs and still no problems. I never defrag it, and I always unzip movie images to it. So basicially it is a temporary storage drive where I copy and delete large files/folders every day and still has no problem. My WD hdd dies before my maxtor and I am more concern with WD drives than maxtor. The old day 1 gig WD drives were the best

I have been using only Maxtor hard drives for almost 15 years and never had any problem under any condition (never used antivirus), I will buy them again with no hasitation.