FRY's Current deals



Memorex 16x Dvd+r 50 pack spindle – $19.99

MID- CMC MAG01-000

GQ 8x Dvd-r 50 pack spindle – $9.50

Haven’t bought these yet BUT the last time Fry’s had this deal, the MID was TYG02!!!

I’m going back tonite to pick up a pack of these GQ and hope they are TYG02 again!!!


They were fake TYG02.

They will be fake TYG02 again.

There is an entire thread devoted to this fake media:
Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens.

GQ DVD packs of one size or another are “on sale” at Fry’s every day of the week, like that GIGANTIC!!! GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale that’s been going on for the last five years at the carpet store, or the permanent 70% off sale at the mall jewelry store.

You’ll be much better off if you get GQ-branded, real Optodisc media, instead of substandard, counterfeit Taiyo Yuden from Hong Kong.

Please, don’t feed the crooks. Spend your money wisely.


You might have better luck with the sale on Memorex at BestBuy for $8.99 or the Staples brand for $7.99. Look at the comments in the Bargin Basement.


Bought some early versions of the GQ DVD-Rs a while back, and the media code was TYG02s. Somehow these fake TYs burned real good. :slight_smile: