FRY'S buffalo ext hd 500gig - $149 after MIR

just got back from fry’s. got a 500gig buffalo drivestation (usb 2.0) for 149.99 after 50 dollar MIR. purchase price was 199.99. to my amusement these were made in japan.

Wish i was back in GG,CA i miss Fry’s. I used to work near the one in Anaheim.

garden grove?

i live in santa ana… on euclid street

got the hd from the fry’s in costa mesa

Yes Garden Grove. I liked the Costa Mesa store best but they have different themes. I lived near Harbor Blvd and Quatro Ave. 1 block north of Westminister aka 17th.

A friend of mine is going to California next week , I’ll tell him to keep an eye for deals at FRY’s “for me” :bigsmile:

Then you better move back to CA if you want Frys or may be they soon open store in that region.

The closest Fry’s to me now is in Texas and i’m in Missouri and i doubt we move back to CA. My wifes family still lives in Socali so a trip to visit will get me closer :slight_smile:

i’m in dallas…i believe there are 3 fry’s around me…one about 15 minutes from me

what HD is in that buffalo? a buffalo or WD or hitachi?

I live in Seal beach so about 7 miles to Fry’s, frys is good if you catch them for good items (Processor+MB, Hard Drives, TVs or…) way better than others but the problem is so many of their Computer items are either refurbished or open boxes.

my other pc was a mb/processor combo(athlon 3000/ecs) for $100 if i remember…they’ve always got pretty good combo deals…just watch out for the refurbs…:o

You are right no place can match the Fry’s advertisement for Processore+MB combo if you catch it at the right time.

they had a athlon 4200 dual core w/ a newer ecs MB combo pack for $180 not too long ago…i didn’t have the scratch to get it unfortunately…:frowning:

Their return lines in customer service are as long as wally world. I think they just put return item on shelf with marked down price. I still liked going there just to look around and i’m not really a store shopper. I’m a handycap driver :o

i like their return policy…just take it back and you get a refund…no hassles…they do have a lot of returned items though…seriously…that’s why i look online here or somewhere else b4 i buy any pc related item

Although I still use ECS M/B with Processor I got as a combo from Fry’s but for newer high end processors like Dual Core specially Intel I hasistate to use ECS MB is not that reliable for complex operation when being sold as combo since in combo deal you really paying for the processor and MB is for free.

i agree totally…ecs is a long shot but i am not paying another $100 for the motherboard…my abit i had died after 3 years…$200…learned my lesson…i’ll just get the processor…and they can toss in the MB…i’m certainly not gonna pay the arm and leg intel wants

the one i have is a hitachi deckstar. specifically hds72505. i have an internal hitachi deckstar in my pc and so far it has performed flawlessly unlike my 2 previous maxtors

so far so good. took me a while to convert the fat into ntfs. these external hd’s don’t have a fan… which may or may not be a concern for some people.

about the returns… they just ask why you’re returning it and that’s it. i’ve returned some stuff before with no hassles. my sister worked in returns and as receipt checker and she says fry’s isn’t that picky about returns. they’ll just toss it back on the selves and mark is at “reduced.” for laptops they’ll use the returned items as display items. these display items can be sold for about 80 dollars off if it’s the last item available.

I agree in total Fry’s is the easiest outfit to return the items without anticipated hassle.

i got an 80gb iomega external a couple of years ago from there…it was an hitachi desktar…its in this pc now as my main…works fine…:slight_smile: unless it’s broke…fry’s restox it and hopes for a sale i guess…my dad bought a 30 gb ipod video from there in late 2005 as a rebox…workt fine until about 3 weeks ago…when he forgot to take it out of his shirt pocket and accidentally…washed it…:smiley:

The best thing about the Costa Mesa store are all the hot Asian females you find there! I always forget what I went there for.