Fry's-BD-R media-$21.99/each

I think it was Panasonic or Fuji… they were kind of spread all over the place. Supposedly, that’s a sale… :confused:

In Canada, Future Shop has Philips BD-R, made in the Netherlands, for the regular price of $20. This doesn’t sound like such a great deal :disagree:

Please realise some people myself included don’t know what are you taking about by saying BD-R what do you mean by BD-R? is it disc or device or burner or computer component?, if you try to convey a massage you better make as clear as possible for every one to understand it. Thanks

BD-R = BluRay - Recordable , so it is a [B]disc[/B] :bigsmile:

Thanks but how many people do you think know about this knowing blue Ray is fairly new uin the market plus I don’t know how BDstand for blue there is no letter D in blue.

I only picked it up because of the review of the Pioneer blu-ray drive where it mentions that it supports BD-R media.

Not to be a dick, but Google’s first result for BD-R is the Sony blu-ray page.

Next time I’ll put that it’s blu-ray media.

Sorry , my bad ,

BD-R = BluRay [B]Disc[/B] - Recordable :bigsmile:

We are [B]freaks[/B] man , take it easy

If I have the money , I would gladly get both BD-R and HD-DVD just to be one of the first people that got them :iagree: