Frustrating Problem!



Hi you all,

Since yesterday, I am dealing with a very frustrating problem with Nero 6.6

Every time I try to write a dvd or cd, It takes forever! No matter what speed I choose (8x, 16x) it burns slower than death himself!.

And not just that. I used to listen to music or played games or even browsing while I was burning my cd’s , now I cannot do ANYTHING! I can only sit and wait for the dvd to burn within 30-40minutes! It consumes 100% of the cpu and There is nothing I can do!

What is wrong here? I need help!

Everything else runs smooth and normal (even the video editting), but writting a cd is hell! I try to minimize the nero window while it was burning and It took 5-10 seconds to do just that!

Is it something I should know?

P.S : I checked for viruses, nothing there, re-aranged the Ide tape, nothing, uninstalled nero and installed it again, still nothing! What is going on?

I can’t just sit here and let it have a mind of it’s own! It takes forever!!!

PS 2 : Also, the buffer seems Unstable now. It used to be between 99%-90%
but now it JUMPS between 90-40 like crazy!
Please help!


Sorry for the Double Posting,

But I have a suggestion (to myself!) :

Maybe it is the PIO / Ultra DMA mode that causes the problem.

I should check this and reply here later.

The thing is that now is downloading and I cannot do a restart (I unistalled the DMA modes). It needs a restart,

I thought I should let you know , Cause I don’t want you to Push your minds yet. Let me try this one and I’ll post later.

Again, sorry for the double post!



Definitely sounds like a DMA issue.


Well, I think this is the problem but I don’t know how to solve it.

Take a look here :

No matter how many times I change the PIO mode It just doesn’t change.

Help guys!!!



Try switching the 2 devices around, master to slave & slave to master. It could well be a faulty IDE cable causing this so that’s the first thing to rule out.


I second to this