Frustrating problem


I have a really wierd problem. I just reformatted my computer about 2 weeks ago. I have a 20GB Hardrive. After I reformatted I only used about 2-3 GB of the hardrive space. That means I could put about 4 DVD’s on my hardrive. I ripped 3 then burned 3, then ripped 3 and then burned 3. And now I only have 4GB Free on my hardrive even though I deleted all the dvd’s I encyrpted to my hardrive. This has happened to me several times before, And reformatting always fixed it, But I can’t keep on reformatting every 2-3 weeks. I use DVD Shrink to rip to my hardrive and Nero to burn. Please help.

P.S. If you need anymore information, please ask.

have you tried doing a search for:- video_ts, vob or iso?

Just did that-No results. I rip all my DVD’s to the desktop and then burn them with nero from there…And delete them straight away. Thanks for the quick reply though.

I would go looking for files in the Documents and Settings directory. A lot of stuff gets saved there including Shrink files made when reading. Also look at your reycling bin and see what size it is set to. You could also run the cleanup program and see what it finds.

do you use Norton? can`t remember the exact part of Norton it is but is your Recycle bin protected by Norton?

the files have to be some were as you`ve proved that by reformating.

My recycle bin is protected by norton, I just deleted the protected files, and still nothing. I looked all over my computer for shrink files, I even re-installed dvd shrink. I also re-installed norton antivirus. I’m thinking of running a registry cleaner later on, But I don’t think that will fix my problem will it? Also I just read somehwere that system restiore takes up a lot of space, So I’m gonna disable that now. Any other ideas?

Thanks for the replies.

There’s a little disk utility around called i.disk . It simply lists the size used by each directory. It can be handy for finding wasted space. This is the link .

Thanks for the link.

I was gonna say way ako said but that dont look like it worked. That what it normally is for me.

Try to go into “My computer” right click the hard drive and go to properties and do a disk clean up. If you are always puting dvd’s on and off your hard drive I would do some defrags from time to time.

here’s another program that does the same thing as i.disk:


Neat util… thanks TimC !

Did it you manage to find the files taking up all the space?

I tryed all the things mentioned in this thread, And The problem is still there :@

What all are you running on you HD? Sometimes it is easy to add something and things add up over time as well with doing windows updates then Nortons and so on. Im not saying all will be because all that but just curious what all you have on there and do you store anything else on the hard drive like music or pictures.

you could try one last thing and try to start in safe mode and do a chkdsk on the drive you are speaking of just to see if there are any bad sectors or anything and with the /r after the drive letter it will recover and repair anything that it can

Come on now! This drive is not that big. Go directory by directory and look at properties. There are files sitting somewhere. Two DVD rips will do it. If it went that fast it has to be something like that. Shut down the size of the recycling bin to 1%.

not sure how you can’t tell where the space is being taken up by using either i.disk or treesize…it tells you right there how big each directory is…

Hmmmm…Thanks for all your repies, But the problem has magically fixed itself…I did shut down my computer, Which I rarely do (I put it on standby when I’m not using it)…

Next time the problum occurs, I’ll try shutting down. I think it might be a problem with the hardrive itself. My computer is very old, And I am planning on getting a new one. Thanks again for all the replies!

I was thinking the same thing. The drive is tiny and finding things ESPECIALLY something that will take up HUGE amounts of space shouldn’t be that hard to find. Especially with the programs listed in this thread.

BTW, I would like to say thanks to TimC and DrPino for the great utils. Had no idea that there was something like that and will definitely help me in reorganizing my HDD’s.


Agreed. Nice touch. Too many of us forget to follow up with the thanks.

glad you guys found it useful :smiley:

You’re welcome, glad it was helpful.