Frustrated with source and destination etc

I am very new to this and my patience is wearing (or already worn) thin.
I have read just about everything I can find to solve my problem so I’m not a noob just trying to get someone else to do the dirty work…I promise!
I have a DVD Decryper and ripped a dvd I want to copy. That was easy enough. Now I have Pinnacle Instant Copy to burn the ripped movie onto DVD-R.
But the program is all Japanese to me!
I’m looking for someone who might be kind enough to be “buddy” to me to talk me through it.
I don’t understand ‘source’ and ‘destination’
I just don’t know what to do!
I’ve probably read too much on the subject and baffled myself with bullshi*!
thanks for your time,

This guide should answer all your quesitons :smiley: