Frustrated with 832s


Noobie here.

I’ve been messing with the SOHw-832s that came in my eMachines T3256 for about two months now. I am trying to back-up movies and keep getting bad burns. Occasionaly good ones, but usually bad. The movies skip and pause when played back on both my Samsung 841 DVD player AND the PC using the 832s as the player. The files burned to the hard disk play without errors.

I am using Nero to burn (came with PC) onto Verbatim 8X rated DVD+R media at 2.4x. (MCC003)

I have used flashfix to allow me to upgrade the firmware of the drive from VTS3 to the VSOG firmware posted by Liteon from Feb.

I have checked the burst rate as sugggested in the FAQ and got 26…
the Kprobe2 scans for PI/PIF seem really high. i.e. PIMAX=53 AVG=0.59 TOTAL=1009. PIF MAX=53 AVG=.11, Total=1894. Often, these values are higher.

Computer is AMD 3200+, 512MB RAM, 160GB HDD, and the aformentioned SOHW-832s.

Any words of wisdom?

Thanks for the help!

@ brideauj
Welcome:). The media you are using is good stuff, so that should not be a problem. Without looking at the kprobe graphs themselves, just the numbers, I would say those aren’t really bad burns. Attaching disc quality scans to your post of the offending discs will help us help you. I suspect that the 50+MAX for PI and PIFs in this case may be just a single spike, since the averages and totals are quite good. So you are close to good burns. You should be able to burn at 4x and get good, maybe better results than at 2.4X burn speed.

One thing you might try is to use the EEPROM utility to ‘reset learnt media’ after a particularly bad burn. That will allow your burner to ‘relearn’ how to burn this media, or perhaps better said, this will allow your burner to ‘forget’ the bad burns.

Another thing you may try is some modded firmware like CG5G . This will void your warranty for the burner, but most people have gotten very good results.

Defragging your HDD before a rip and burn may also help, though it sound like you should ahve plenty of free space.

So, in summary, I would suggest resetting your eeprom, defragging then rebooting and try a few burns at 4x and post the scans(scanned at 4x scan speed, the forum standard for comparison). It may take 3 or 4 burns to get good results. If this fails to get good results, I would suggest, if you are ready to make the leap into the ‘void’ :slight_smile: , to flash to CG5G.

I have a 823s and can copy my dvd movies using DL disk and two programs to do the operation. I duplicated 3 of my movies with no problems played on computer dvd rom and sony dvd player and apex dvd player with no problem. It ran just like it was the original dvd movie disk.
Forgot to mention also be sure to check for update to your burner from the liteon site.

I’ll give this a try.

I’ve already forced a flash of VSOG, although a Liteon firmware, I had to use flashfix to make it work over VTS3. I may give this a try as well.

I’ll post a few scans as i try the above recomendataions. Thanks!

I think the FAQ should be amended.

Despite having acceptable burst rate performance, the DMA mode appears to not have been set correctly.

Attached are some scans:

1st scan, pre-DMA fix. This is one of the best results I had. But, this skips like crazy when played

2nd scan, 1st burn post-DMA fix, this one is much better but skipped twice. Tolerable but irritating still.

3rd scan, 2nd burn post-DMA fix. I havent played this one yet but look at the diffrence.

What did you fix ? 26 MB/sec is UDMA2 and more than enough for 8x burning. Your source harddisk and burner should be on seperate IDE busses.
All your scans are perfect, but you should try to burn your 8x media at 8x, as the write strategies are optimized for higher speeds.
Looks like your stand alone player does not like MCC03 media.

Device 1 of the secondary IDE Channel was set to “PIO only”. I changed it to “DMA when available” and things seemed to get better. I’m not sure what device that was controlling.

I will try burning the next two at 4x and then 8x.

It seems most people recomend burning at the slowest possible speed, but not having to wait so long would be nice.

Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config. You can also browse in the gui to see how your devices are connected. You can not get 26 MB/sec using PIO mode, so that must have been another device.

It seems most people recomend burning at the slowest possible speed, but not having to wait so long would be nice.
Most people do not know what they are talking about :). Maybe burning at the lowest speed was ok for the first DVD burner and media available at all 1-2 years ago, but now burner and media are optimised for higher speeds and burning at slowest speed often returns bad results. Still your burns were perfect.
That does not mean that you should burn all medias at 16x because it was printed on the cover.