Frustrated w/ DVDFab

[QUOTE=Analogic;1937206]I think that I may just need to resurrect one of my XP machines and use this Vista monster for surfing the internet and buying crap on Ebay that I don’t need.[/QUOTE]

Hello again Analogic
If this problem happens at the same spot on the disc during the convert then going from Vista to XP may not make a diff, but it will not hurt to try I would check the disc very very closely there may be something on the disc, this problem disc is it a backup disc

I’ve been having a similar problem going back at least 2 versions on Vista.
It’s not consistent in the respect of being able to reproduce, but when it does happen it’s the same symptom.
I have DVD Fab (currently v but it behaves exactly the same way on earlier versions) open and insert a DVD…title doesn’t matter.
Most of the time DVDFab scans the DVD and we’re good to go. Occasionally nothing happens. I see the light on the front of my DVD drive stop flickering the first time ( like it always does after loading) but the second flicker and DVDFab scan doesn’t start.
I open and close the drive, and again no scan.
So I Close DVD Fab and try to restart it.
It doesn’t appear to start, BUT if I open the Task List, I now see 2 copies of DVD Fab running on the PROCESSES tab.
I double-click the desktop Icon to launch DVD Fab again, and still it appears not to run, but now there are 3 copies of DVD Fab running in the Processes tab. I try to End Process on it, but it won’t stop. - none of them will End Process, no matter which of the open copies you choose.
I try to RestartWindows or Shutdown, but they ignore the command. There is no choice but to hold the power button in and force a hard shutdown.
Never saw a program so efficiently hose a running os…not even a virus.
I know it’s not my hardware, software, patches or the DVD because after the forced hard reset, everything will work fine. That same DVD will scan and copy with no problem.
It’s random, but when it strikes the behavior is always the same, system can’t kill the running instances of DVDFab and won’t shutdown.
It’s rare enough that I just force my system off and reboot and go on my way, but just wanted to let folks know that this happens to others and it has nothing to do with drivers, versions, hardware or the DVD title because after a reboot it will work.
I’ve never been able to make it happen either, it’s totally random.
Generally I find I’m bothered by it less if I can remember to NEVER insert a subsequent DVD while DVDFab is running.
After each copy, I close DVDFab and restart it, then insert the DVD (or start DVDFab with the DVD’s already inserted and loaded.)

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