Frustrated, need help of big boys/girls

One in I am having problems with 2 dl discs i am trying to rip with both clonedvd2 and dvd decrypter, is it the condition of the disc, i even tried plastic polish, pledge, or do i have the change some settings.

I have a new laptop which i have downloaded multiple copy/backup programs to. I am trying to install a Crysis Warhead rom into the computer but it freezes at the very start of install process. I did notice a punkbuster file in the download list from disc. I have all needed drivers installed that the EA guy told me to update.

I think that my problem is one of these programs. I uninstalled any dvd, but nothing. How do i know which one to remove from my system, if that is my problem at all.

Thanks for the help

dedicateddoug questions,

It sounds like you have a lot of garbage on your computer (some maybe not so legit). I think it is time to reformat and start over. AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, and CloneCD should be all you need.

Good luck.

Games from EA are known to have intrusive copy protection methods(rootkits) like Securom. I believe if the game detects installed disc backup or emulation software it will not work. You may have to do research on the games you are trying to install yourself.