Frustrated & Mad For ...Cases

This IS One Area Where I Have Not Found a Good Solution :a , PolySlim Cases (almost Transparent).

I Have Tried Numerous Variants of these Available in Local Stores,Some how i dont find them Upto the Mark,Plastic is Bad or The Locking Arrangement is not to the Mark or the Case is Fragile.

wasted Enough Time Hunting Down & Trying Different Ones,Show how i am not happy.

Need U Guys Advice on this,wats the Best Online Store in the US to get QUALITY Cases,which are as slim as Possible (almost Transparent) but With Good Build without having the About Mentioned Problems,would Really Happy to order a Pack which are really good

Advice me on this & a Good Online link will help,dont mind paying a Premium if these are really good

Do you have a link to something close to what you need?

^^^ Here U Go:
simple Almost Transparent PolySlim Case

Rima Deal is Expensive
try this link!

^^^ Those Look Like Slim DVD cases,i am Looking for a Normal Slim Cd Cases with which i can store my burnt DVD’s by saving Space & Easily Identifying by the Label

Its Simple Good Quality Such Cases:

The Rima cases are good, solid cases, and Rima stands behind their products. For harder to find cases, like 6-disc DVD cases, I use Meritline.

^^^ thats some good news,Wat about there Locking Arrangement ? will they Click in Well & not be Loose Enough that make the Case Door Swing Open,in turn Disturbing the Disk

If they are that good as u say,will go ahead & Buy even though they are a Touch Expensive

Feel free to email Rima, you will find them responsive and helpful. They will answer any questions they can about the cases. I haven’t used them, I use full-sized DVD cases.

Mailed them,No Response