Frustrated 832 owner - help

After some research 8 months ago I made the move to a 812 Liteon burner and I was soooo pleased with the initial burns. I threw Ritek G04 at it with unbelievable burns - they were perfect. I burned around 50 - 60 dvds and things went pear shape. I started getting some really bad burns with any media that I tried, and I tried a few. I also studied this site and tried all the tips, stratagies and firmware to no avail, the burns were that bad that the the dvds couldn’t be read. Frustrated, I returned the burner to the place of purchase and they replaced it with my current 832.
Hooray some great burns again - but the frustration is starting again.
I’ve only had this burner for 3 months and have burned not more than 30 dvds with the results getting worse.
I have tried different firmware, reset learned media, and restored the original eeprom on numerous occasions without satisfaction. Below are my results and as you can see they just get worse. Any advice that can assist with my problems will be greatly appreciated.

Did you try a different manufacturer?
OTOH: why do people buy those Riteks? They seem to be excellent frisbees, not more, in these days!

You’re right I do have alot frisdees - a little dangerous when you threw them at Rover to catch though.
I have tried different media with better success but I just don’t undersand why the Riteks start to burn well but finish like Mt Everest. If they’re sooo bad wouldn’t the whole disc be of the same quality??

Another try and this time I didn’t only get Mt Everest I got the whole Himalayan mountain range.
This time I reset learned media and changed firmware to CG5G with R02 @ YUDEN0002 strat. Anyone have any ideas why??

I had the same problem with my Liteon, even with good media. I don’t burn anymore with Liteon. If you are going to keep it I would switch to quality media. MCC and TY. Check out the media section for more selections.

I use Ritek R02’s with no problems on my 832s.

Upgrade firmware to Lite-on US0Q and get some quality 8X media from Verbatim (MCC), Taiyo Yuden, or even Prodisc. I always have more success with DVD+R with my Lite-on. Burn at 8X and scan at 8X. If the burn is good it will scan OK at 8X with the 832. My 812 is solid as a rock!

Ok here is another burn with the reliable RICOHJPN_W11 and yes it’s a much better burn.
A purchase of some better media is on the cards but what is disappointing is that the spindle of Riteks that I purchased did burn well at the start. So i racked my brain as to why the deteriorated so badly if they were from the same batch.
My wife in her wisdom re-organised my desk one day whilst I was at work and placed the spindle of Riteks next to a speaker. Does the magnetic field from the speakers have anthing to do with it? Did my Riteks deteriorate from this exposure???

No they can’t - it’s optical media, not magnetic. Besides, media varies within same batch aswell, which might just be what you’re encountering. Never trust Riteks…

I also have a lite-on SOHW 832s burner. And i’ve NO problems with it. I use Platinum dvd+R, 8x.

@ Jon1166
Looks like you are getting the best results with CG5G. The recalibration feature in that firmware should help your problem the best. Are you following good burning procedures and not surfing/multitasking during the rip or the burn. Is your HDD defragged and have ample free space for the image? I assume so, but just thought i would mention it.

You said you are getting good results from other stuff, its just these R02s and usually at the end. I have found that moving around the spindle a lot can cause movement and friction and damage between the discs themselves, particularly at the edge where they come into contact when moved. So find a spot for them and leave them there, or move them carefully.

Saving my best suggestion for last…use the bad-ended discs for short movies:)…sounds funny, but it works.

@ Please
Thats a great idea thanks - I don’t need to dispose of the remainder.

Last night I got to a stage that I needed to try and burn something else to further investigate if the the bad burn towards the end was the media and not the burner. As it was 10 pm the only thing open was the local Supermarket and they didn’t have a great selection. My purchase was a small pack of the FUJIFILM03 -R, I don’t know what they’re like but I had to try.
I changed the firmware to CY58 with TYG02 strat after some reading and was suprised with the result of the -Rs. With the first burn(which I hope will improve with learned media), it was better than the Ritek +Rs.
Does anyone have experience with the FUJIFILM03 or what they would recommend for my next purchase?

I did a search and found out all the information and more that I need about the Fujifilm03. The unfortunate issue that I have is that if I burn with +R they’re unable to play on the Xbox and now I have enough information thanks to your great site on what type of -R I should try. Once again thanks for all the help - this is a GREAT site…

you can booktype your +r discs to dvd-rom: