Frozen Slug In My Food



Im going to be sick :Z

My Mrs was cooking our dinner and i just heard a loud scream…

and there it was a frozen slug peeping out of a packet of vegetarian cheese grills, the packet contained 4 grills 3 of which had been eaten the previous day :Z (luckily for me one fell down the side of the oven so i elected to to have a pot noodle instead and let my mrs and son eat the two remaining grills)

so basically now i cant eat and mrs is clearly pissed off and disgusted and to cap it all off it was found in a packet of ‘Vegetarian’ cheese grills and yes we are all vegetarian.

It was bought at Tescos (and they arent exactly cheap at £1.59 a pack) so im going to phone them up when the customer services open tomorrow and see what they say, im not one of those blokes who tries to get compo for silly things but my son eat one of them for christ sake


OMG!!! thats horrible! I’d contact the health department of course you guys don’t have that in the UK…but still what the heck are slugs doing in a food prep facility …


I think its the Food standards agency in the UK, if it was on raw veg then ok you’re supposed to wash it but a bloody cheese grill? , i dont know how far this will go but our neighbour has told us to threaten them with the local paper and with food hygeine, so i wonder what they’re going to offer us to keep quiet, as i say im not one of these ‘i tripped on a wet floor you owe me £5,000’ but i wouldnt blame anybody for making a big stink about something like this which really isnt my fault.


That’s just plain sick, how these things happen I have no idea.:Z