Frozen pc/black screen

:rolleyes:Hello everybody,
Hope somebody can help me with this hardware problem.

  • WT70-EC MB
  • Award Bios
  • 1.3 gHz
  • recently updated to 2 gB RIMM memory
  • 280 gb HD IDE
  • Sappheere HD3650 videocard
    OS : WINXP Pro sp3
    I was copying via USB from a external HD to the internal HD
    I left my PC for a while
    When i came back the screen looked frozen; the mouse didn’t react anymore.
    I did a cold reboot.
    From then on i didn’t get anymore information on the screen (black)
    The only thing i hear is a long repeating Beeptone
  • looked for beepcodes for award bios (no answer for long repeating beeptones)
  • replaced the RIMM memory (stilll the same Beeptones)
  • disconnected all IDE and PCI cards (stilll the same Beeptones)
  • replaced the graphic card by another one (stilll the same Beeptones)
  • replaced the supply (stilll the same Beeptones)
    Is there anyone who can tell me what is the meaning of these beeptones or can somebody tell me what i can do beneath buying another MB/PC?
    Thanks in advance.:confused:

gfx card connection / PSU problem.