Frozen Nero



Happy Holidays all!

I am in the process of reinstalling all my software, having had to reformat my hard drive the other day. I installed the latest Nero last night and discovered that it basically freezes my PC - when I try to open an appliation from the main window, instead of opening the icon moves to my System Tray and then the PC completely locks up requiring a hard reboot. Or it freezes while I try to install my registration key. I didn’t have this problem before, so while I try to figure out what is causing the conflict I was wondering if anyone knows where I might find the prior version (6601). I have a registration key and would like to use it!

Also, on the off chance that one of these programs is causing the conflict, I was wondering if there is a known conflict between any of them and 6603. I"m not using Roxio or any other burning software.

Replay Music
DVD Shrink
IrfanView (has a Nero plugin I think)
Various Creative Audigy2 programs (for my sound card)
Various players – WMP, Quicktime, etc.




I uninstalled iTunes in case that was the problem - reinstalled Nero and the Nero applications opened up. Then I noticed that my DVD writer had been changed to pio mode - when I turned it back to Ultra DMA 2, Nero once again froze my PC.

I have an NEC 3500AG burner, which worked find with Nero a few weeks ago. :confused:


Well, I pretty much ruled out other burning/multimedia programs as the problem - reformatted my hard drive and installed Nero as one of the first programs. Same problem with computer freezing; installed earlier version 6 - same problem.

At one point I was able to start Infotool, but it froze when trying to recognize my burner - NEC 3500.

A few weeks ago all was fine on my XP2 system. If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful. Thanks.


Three things I might suggest:

1:) Try a different EIDE cable, preferably an 80 conductor that is known good. (Perhaps borowed from another machine?) Do NOT use cable select, nor a notched cable select type cable.

2.) Switch the reader and the writer so that the NEC is the master and not the slave.

3.) Try the drive in a different machine.



Thanks. I don’t have another machine to use - but I have changed the drive configuration as you suggested and I know the cable is good (it’s new and was supplied by a Dell tech who just replaced my motherboard). So I will see what happens tomorrow.

I wonder if this could be the drive (which is new) - It’s an NEC 3500, should run UDMA2 but keeps showing up in Device Manager as PIO. If I remove the secondary channel and let it reinstall eventually it “sticks” and becomes UDMA2. But this happened with both my old and new motherboard, so I don’t think it is the motherboard.


Must have been SP2 - did a reformat, installed Nero after SP1 - runs fine. SO: is anyone running Nero with SP2 installed after Nero?


Bingo! i knew it would work that way. its strange huh? everytime something goes wrong i always blame sp2. a good rule of thumb when reformatting the hdd is to install your necessary programs FIRST, then install SP2 ontop of everything after that. happy to hear that it worked


I’ve installed SP2 after Nero was installed and had no problems, and when I upgraded the motherboard and CPU, I did a slipstreamed install of XP with SP2, then installed Nero with no problems.



Good news/bad news.

I installed SP2 and it may have solved my prior problem of the NEC 3500 being recognized as PIO not Ultra DMA2.

BUT - Nero again freezes up/causes the PC to freeze up. So the problem I had earlier seems to be related to the interaction between SP2 and Nero. Once again, if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful!


The problem may have been in part caused by some third party audio plugins - starting flac, shn, aac, based on something I found in another forum. I removed them and Nero was OK (temporarily).

Then I started iTunes and go a message that drivers needed to import CDs were missing - so I reinstalled, and once again Nero froze. I tried the Nero cleantool, and it seemed to remove some iTunes registry entries. So I wonder if there is a conflict between iTunes and Nero?


I gather there is a conflict between iTunes and Nero - I uninstalled both and did a clean install of Nero, which again froze. If anyone has experienced this problem I would appreciate hearing from you; I suspect a remnant of iTunes is still residing on my PC. Thanks.