Frontpage reaction / forum posts not showing

Some posts or frontpage reactions might not appear. If you didn’t receive an error message then it’s likely that our currently overactive spam filter has put your post in a moderation queue.

This is not intentionally. It seems the filter is currently too strict and we’re going to look at it. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, be assured that your posts are not gone, they’ll only be delayed when it happens.

We use the spam filter to protect ourselves for the numerous of spammers that automatically register accounts and then try to put spam on our forums. Without this protection the spam is much harder to handle for us. Nevertheless it should never interfere with our users daily routines so we’ll take this very serious and will try to resolve ASAP!

trouble posting again tonightor evening

Can you elaborate marloyd? What happens and what doesn’t work?