Frontpage moved to a new server

Part of the plan to move to Discourse is to first move the front page to another host. This saves us money and because we’ve moved to a specialized Wordpress host it should also provide us with additional security and other features.

Where the frontpage was first served from the Netherlands, it’s now from New York, United States because most of our visitors are from there.

Images are loaded from a CDN, which means images load from a server as close as possible to you, which should improve browsing speeds.

There might be glitches and bugs, and if you find them, then don’t hesitate to report them. If all things go well, then I hope to start working with all members on a new Discourse layout, that hopefully will be according to wishes of the majority!

I’ll take it for granted it will not include any work on your behalf this time either :disagree:

On a serious note, great work JW, even those of us who have been here lurking have noticed and acknowledge the tremendous work you and the team put down day by day.

You have proven the expression: “Where you are, well there you are”, taken it from there time and time again and never given up. I have great respect for such an attitude.

Knowledge is power… Let us come together and share it by the power of infinity. :flower:

Thanks for the exceptionally kind words Xercus! It’s these kind of things that make I want to make that extra step to get everything done before I go to sleep. :wink:

Unfortunately I noticed over the night a new bug introduced himself, but that will be squashed today!

Oh man, Bug is one of my friends too :rolleyes:

I don’t know about you, but I think he is a rather insidious guy that comes around far too often and always brings up subjects of the more sinister kind for discussion.
While some of the subjects turns out to be interesting and do aid in keeping me awake and alert, most of it is just plain boring. Still he keeps going on like forever nagging about it and stretch my patience to the limit.

What I find most irritating about him though is the fact that when I say he have to go home, he hides in my apartment and I have to search all over to find him. When I finally do find him, he refuses to go and I have to take him by the arm and follow him to the door every time. It is as if he enjoy to wear out his welcome and while that is funny the first time around, such a farewell ritual becomes tedious and annoying in the long run.

I don’t know if he does this at your place, but if he does, do not waste your time trying to teach him common sense. I have tried it only too often, but he seems to entirely lack the intellectual capacity to understand even the simplest of messages.
I am a reasonable man, but I have come to the conclusion that next time he comes around, I will only talk to him in the doorway and tell him I’m too busy for visitors…

I am sorry to bother you by discussing mutual friends, knowing how busy you are, but I just had to lay it on someone :bigsmile:


Well done DoMiN8ToR, that must be a lot of work and worry. It all seems fine to me, I’ve not come across any bugs yet.
I hope the rest of the changeover goes very smoothly. :smiley:

Posted by DoMiN8ToR
Where the frontpage was first served from the Netherlands, [B]it’s now from New York, United States [/B]because most of our visitors are from there.
and one very old man that loves this forum.:bigsmile:

There are some ongoing issues with caching on the frontpage. This is because the new host uses its own technology for this. Therefore the frontpage can sometimes load slower than expected and some elements of the page might not contain text.

The news and reviews texts should show up as always. It’s mainly an aesthetic issue. Unfortunately I have no time today, so fixing will start tomorrow.

The front page keeps forgetting my settings. I set to a list view and it immediately forgets.

Hmm, the front page is the fattest I’ve ever come across

[QUOTE=CDan;2767426]The front page keeps forgetting my settings. I set to a list view and it immediately forgets.[/QUOTE]

This seems to be fixed now. :slight_smile:

Great, it was on my list, but forgot to reply, glad it’s solved now and thanks for reporting back!