Frontpage (cdfreaks) and Opera

This might be oftopic, but I didn’t know where else to put it.
I wont get afended if it’s moved. :slight_smile:

When I browse the frontpage of cdfreaks with Opera, the java code (I think) of the links on the top (forum, news…) doesn’t work. This is when I tell the browser to Identify it self as Opera, but when set Opera to ident as explorer 5.0 everything is flawless. This shows that it’s not Opera there is something wrong with, but something with the coding og the site.

Support the independent browsers, change your code please? :bigsmile:


read in the Dutch forum they are working on a new layout…
Hopefully for you this new layout does support Opera…we’ll just have to wait and see I think.

Yes I’m sorry for any inconvinience this may cause, but we won’t be fixing the current layout anymore, because we are working on a new layout…

No problem

Just tought it would be an easy task

But since you are working on a new layout, just forget it (please check if the new one works with Oprera :slight_smile: )


If I set Opera 6.05 to report as the dreaded MSIE 5.0, the menu will work but only after a limited fashion: the menu will now pop up, but is popped beneath the doubleclick advertisement. Might that issue be a simple layering arrangement? I’m not an HTML expert.

I prefer to report as Opera, so I wish to conclude my $0.02 here: Please continue fixing the website.

Thanks for reading!


Yeah Opera rocks :bow: . Once I tired it, I never looked back :slight_smile:
Makes me proud that I’m Norwegian.


There’s the same problem with Mozilla and Netscape as well. It would be nice if the new layout would work with these browsers.

Well, I guess they ran out of time, still the same problems remain after 2 months. Oh well, I always manage to get in, so I should stop whining… :bigsmile:

its a pain in the a** to test for the many different browsers, but at the same time, it’d be nice if the site worked correctly under opera. but i’ve noticed some problems with opera’s java implementation in the 3 days i’ve been using it. oh well, its the first step to kicking bill gates out of my home :smiley: