Frontline Attack

Has anyone made a successful back up of Frontline Attack?

 It has the new secuROM protection.

Clone cd with my Lite-on 40 12 48 using clony or scout is making coasters. :eek:

Maybe you should try CD Mate with the custom Securom settings. Read and write slowly may also make a difference.

Oh ya, forgot to ask, do you enable “Regenerate Data Sectors” when reading? That seemed to help Liteon drives backup Securom.

Thanks for youre reply I have never used cd mate I thought that clone cd was the best, but I think I will give it a go. :bigsmile:

Use this profile Lite-On SecuRom [NEW].ccp from here

Futureproof I have already used the profile Lite-On SecuRom [NEW]. and it aint having it, once again thank you

Is Regenerate “on” and audio subs “off”?

Futureproof sorry for the late reply:

I will try again, and will let you know if I gain success.

Hi Futureproof,
I have managed to copy disc 1 that works fine with the original copy of disc 2:

I have copied disc 2 using youre settings and also using the standard game settings as the disc 2 dosent show any protection using clony or scout, my copys of disc 2 are coasters

Will ollie come to our rescue?

Do you have any more ideas??



We’ll just have to wait a bit until a success is posted. In the meantime, try YapS as a scanner

you just can’t burn Clones of Frontline Attack it’s featuring the new securom… (the one that got introducted on NWN patches).
The only way to make a back up of this game is to use FantomCD and create a MDS image which can be mounted in Deamon Tools 3.17. However you must download like a 1kb ‘fixed’ cue (kinda) for your game on DT site or make it yourself… To be able to burn the game you’ll have to wait until someone figure out a way to do it :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Satyajit
you just can’t burn Clones of Frontline Attack it’s featuring the new securom… (the one that got introducted on NWN patches).

Thanks for that. So you know for a fact that it’s the same version? The one that didn’t allow many originals to play? The one that they actually ‘patched out’ with another patch? Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not being critical; because if they’ve somehow got this working then perhaps it’s actually a later version than the ass buster in the NWN patch

This seems to be the latest theory but I’m not convinced solely by reason of failure when using a Lite-on writer as the reader. Perhaps, GF could give it a try with his plex (if he can get hold of an original for testing).

As for us downunder, games are usually released here 2 to 3 weeks later than in Europe (if they get released here at all that is; we are a fairly small market and transport costs are high, after all), so, regrettably, none of us can test your theory for the time being.

(Personally, I’m waiting for the Empire Earth expansion which I expect will be released here (as the original has been, and still is, one of the better selling games here this year) but none of the outlets I go to know when a release of this title in oz is likely.)

I wish to thank everyone for their replys:

To CCCDKing I tried using CD Mate with the custom Securom settings. Read and write slowly and still made a coaster:

I still prefer clone cd over cd mate :slight_smile:

yet another pig of a game using the new new !!!3 thingy whatever dreaded securom new thing!!!
Im afraid they are a bit hit and miss at the minute whether you use any settings or profile!!!
Got my new asus burner to go with my liteon babe and my new
liteon 163 reader guess what still cant copy the majority of the new releases under this new type of protection!!!
that goes for IG2/ beachlife/and now disciples 2 too add to the ever growing list.As I have stated before its a bit hit and miss as some securom new releases seem to copy fine OTHERS no chance
Im not convinced they are all even securom new as I believe clony xxl doesnt always report its findings correctly they are possiblya protect cd 5 currently not realistically copyable at the minute despite claims they have been copied . remember in some countries titles are released with different versions of protection anyway! we will just have to see if oli comes up with his magic in the next few months. Thank goodness for safedisc 2 !!!

Originally posted by logicwatch
…remember in some countries titles are released with different versions of protection anyway!
…a very good point. Consider this, too: some game titles must be copied onto an 80’ disc; a 74’ disc will just coaster

@ logicwatch

See posts by PaRaDoX in this thread for Industry Giant II. Obviously the version released in oz is new securerom new protected and copiable though not necessarily without difficulties.

Of course, if your copy is Protect CD 5 :frowning: and not new securerom new (unfortunately quite possible, since it’s a Jowood title and that company uses both protections and, as you’ve pointed out, the protection used often varies with the country of release), it won’t help much.

As for Beachlife, I’ve never seen it though it seems to have been out for a while in Europe. My guess is that it hasn’t been and won’t be released downunder (probably not sufficiently successful to warrant the high shipping costs).

Disciples 2: when was this one released? Also haven’t seen it here but that doesn’t mean anything if it’s a recent release (almost nothing gets released here until at least a fortnight after its release in US and Europe and, more commonly, it’s about a month).

@ jellybelly
You may well be right. I have just got hold of a copy of Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom and, unlike all previous securerom protected titles, it does NOT appear to be capable of being copied successfully with my reader writer combo. Whilst my tests aren’t complete yet (I’ll post in a separate thread when they are), there does appear to be something quite new being used in this latest version (securerom 4?).

Not only have I been unable to make a working back-up but I have been unable to get any image to run from a virtual drive, whether or not securerom emulation has been enabled. :frowning:

Further, it doesn’t appear to be a simple case of blacklisting as dt isn’t on my system and since the original works from either drive whether or not alcohol or clonecd’s hide cd media are running or not.

It would seem that sony has got a varient of whatever it used on NWN 1.21 to work properly (i.e. no problem with detecting originals as copies but copies and images will not work at all). :a

There are some bad tricks which can cause images always being bad, such as the weird q-subchannel manipulation which you find on Tagès.
Maybe they’ve done something similar. But this would require further investigation.

did somebody try the blindsuite ??