Frontline attack (SecuROM 4.77.00 0004): impossible to backup, also with twinpeak

I think this is a very interesting and really heavily protected game…I tried to backup Frontline Attack (italian version, SecuROM ver. 4.77.00 0004) with/without twin sectors and using mds (converted in BWA) /BWA files and also the twinpeak method but when I burn the tweaked image via Blindwrite or CloneCD, the obtained cd doesn’t pass the protection control (when I start the game). I can only start the game via alcohol’s emulation (and it takes approx 15 secs.!) This is a very hard game to backup on a cd, and the twinpeak trick (in any of its form) doesn’t seem to work with!

The Data Physical Measurement was very good as you can see from the graph below, so these coasters are not causated by a bad measurement of linear density of sectors.
I think this is a very interesting case and need further investigation :wink: !

(DPM result):

What CD Writer are you using?

Liteon 48125W.

Today I found that this disc has a read error sector at the end…very strange!

what about another Securom 4.8 Game, work they ?

I made a backup of The Thing (ita version, securom ver 4.82.etc)
with twinpeak succesfully, and another backup of Hotel Giant.
So this is a very strange game!

I have to rectify: also hotel giant doesn’t work!
I’ve tried all the ways: reading protected cds with Liteon 48125W and burn with it with Blindwrite+bwa: no go. Reading with Plextor 40/12/24A and then burn with it with blindwrite+bwa: no go. Tried with the twinpeak source code + CloneCD: no go. Tried with only CloneCD: no go (lol…).
These 2 games (Frontline Attack UK version and Hotel Giant ITA version, both SecuROM versions 4.77.etc.) seems to be uncopyable! Anyone has managed to back 'em up correctly?? :confused:


Originally posted by Fr4nz
[B]Liteon 48125W.

Today I found that this disc has a read error sector at the end…very strange! [/B]

most of the securom new discs have the last sector unreadable, i’ve seen it on Warcraft III, Hitman2 and NOLF2. i think this is part of the protection. (could someone confirm this?)

i found this thru alcohol while backing up WC3, funny thing is clonecd doesn’t even mention a word about the unreadable sector.

Yes but this should be no problem for the backup…

it’s no problem at all… CCD as well as Alcohol backed up WC3. but i still wonder what’s the purpose of it…