Front pannel audio conector?

I’m wanting to hook up front pannel audio, but the wires dont match up with the motherboard. They both have left and right audio out, positive and negative (4 wires), but for the mic, the motherboard has audio mic, audio mic bias, ground and vcc (4 conectors), and the case only has mic power, mic bias, and audio ground (3 wires)?

The motherboard is an abit ax8 and the case is an antec superlanboy if it matters.

hey man dont know what mobo u got but dunno if this thread might help you at all;

Does the plug fit? Leaving the vcc connection for the mic unconnected would still work - the mic bias provides the power for the mic.

It has individual wires and connectors, not a single plug. I found a link within the link gregtherotterius gave that showed the pinout and it said the same thing, to leave pin 4 (mic vcc) empty. thanks to both of you for the information.
Now I just have to figure out the grounds on the usb. The case wires have the normal power, ground and two data wires, but it also has a second ground. The header on the motherboard doesn’t have the second ground. Pin 9 has no pin and pin 10 is marked n/c. On antecs website, it says leave pin 10 empty as connecting it can cause damage. So basically the instructions on the cases website match the motherboard, but the case wires do not match the case manufactures info (there is a second ground). It is an old case that I got on clearance so that probably explains that. I’m pretty sure that the link that gregtherotterius gave told about that too, but It was late last night and I was half asleep when I was reading it. I assume that I just leave one of the grounds disconnected, but which one if it even matters? I think I might just call antec tech support as they are labeled ground and ground 1?