Front page is in CHRISTMAS THEME?!

I thought christmas was long gone … for some reason your frontpage turned christmasy on me :S

I personnelly don’t see it.

Its a sign!

I hope ur not implying i’m senile … already … LOL!

Maybe it’s a cache issue but I’ve never had this before … see att. screenshot

and just in case anyone asks me to click the free scan for errors … i’m not so gullible either :stuck_out_tongue:

From my end, I don’t see anything Christmas related content on the front page. It may be possible that your browser, ISP or a proxy / Internet Accelerator in-between has a cache of Christmas images dating from December. For a start, clear your browser’s cache to see if this helps:

Firefox: Tools -> Options, click ‘Privacy’ tab, click ‘Cache’ tab below and click ‘Clear Cache Now’. :wink:

thanks … solved by clearing cache … strange cos i thought the cache normally automatically expires after a while - or it checks filesizes / modification times with the server :S never had this issue before …