From Where To Get Benq 1640?

I can’t find benq 1640 black bezel anywhere? in fact i can’t find any place that is selling benq 1640 any color at all?
anyone know a good site to buy it?

Try NCIX.COM i bought from them and used Express shipping next morning it was in my Home.
Although there are few left…

i need one too.
i need a retail 1640.
ncix don’t have it.

Why not just buy a HIVAL 16x dvd burner from COMPUSA? It is a rebadged BENQ 1640. It comes with software and a black face plate. :wink:

The HiVal that I got from CUSA had a beige faceplate and BenQ doesn’t sell extra faceplates to end users either.

Try your local Circuit City (if you’re within U.S.), as I’ve seen their carrying the 1640 in BenQ’s own retail boxes for about $70. Those usually have black faceplates, but you can verify by a dot on the side of box indicating what color it is inside.

Lastly, the other alternative is a Sony DRU810A, which is a rebadged 1640, and includes both color faceplates. The cheapest I’ve seen for the 810A is $60 after instant savings and mail-in rebates, before tax.

try microcenter, they are a slow store and they should have lots of retail benQ 1640 left. Since most places have sold out on the BenQ 1640, you still be able to get this drive under Sony Brand, specificially the model DVR-810, or under Plextor brand as PX-740A

the hival unit i got was black faceplate. it doesn’t really matter to me because the antec computer cases i use have doors on them. so the if the color doesn’t match my computer case it’s not a big deal. :wink:

There are 3 retail ones left in NCIX… i bought one…
Edit: This is the retail Beige!
For Canadian Residents

Compusa has the HIVAL 16x dvd burner on sale for $39.99 after rebates. It’s the rebadged BENQ 1640. Get them while you can! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you read the drive Specs at the bottom of the page this drive for sure doesn’t look like is BenQ 1640.

For sure I think TCAS is right, it is true they do have the Hi-Val for sale at CompUSA for 39.99 but I was there and it doesn’t6 look like a BenQ 1640 to me. I have one and although the pictures on the box do not always tell the story, the stickers on the box do. And the ones for 39.99 had some sort of A089 firmware number, I do not know what that is but I am sure it is not BenQ, but maybe I am wrong, check it out for yourselves, I just thought I would add to TCAS input, although he is usually right anyway.

I didn’t notice the 12x read speed. I’ll be leaving soon to go to Compusa where I’ll check it out. I have the box from the one I got the day after Thanksgiving sale. Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

I bought the HI-VAL HDVD168DL from CompUSA, and it IS a rebadged BenQ DW1640. After flashing the drive to the newest firmware (BSNB), the drive works great.

Yay, got the drive. The box’s speeds are the same as the 1640’s and the drive itself says BenQ DW 1640, so it looks like I got a rebadged too.

Could someone tell me or point me to instructions on how to crossflash?

Hi :slight_smile:

BQFlasher & the relevant cvt. file.
Click in BQFasher in my sig.
For cvt. files using IE, try here.

Aaaaahhhh… yes, firmware’s done. Thank you very much, zebadee. And thank you everyone else for all your help on obtaining this fine drive.

With a new BenQ DW1640, be sure to download Qsuite 2.1 from the BenQ website.

whats the difference between 1620 and 1640? and can i flash my 1620 to 1640?

:bigsmile: I just got back from COMPUSA with 3 HIVAL drives. It is indeed a rebadged BENQ 1640 drive, as mentioned the BENQ 1640 sticker is on the drive. I’ll be flashing the drives to the BENQ firmware & installing them on my relative’s pc’s. :slight_smile:


or Here:

I know nothing about these stores, I just searched on Pricewatch.