From where can i get retail version of nec 3540?

from which web site or retail shop can i get the retail version of nec 3540?

It would help if you included some basic information like where you live, but lets see if this helps. NEC burners are only sold as OEM models in the USA if you want a retail package you will have to purchase from a reseller like Mad Dog Multimedia.

I thought someone gave a link where nec 3520 retail is sold in usa.
I live in usa.

hey new:
picked up a 3540 (mad dog mm) at compusa. there’s a previous thread bout this. look for rebadged nec. plus mdmm carries 2 yr warrenty (not that anyone keeps a burner for more than 6 mths anymore)

Newegg sells a couple retail versions of the ND-3520 at the moment but none for the 3540. Beige and Black:

But I’m not sure why you want retail anyways, they don’t come with anything worthwhile except for the drive itself of course.