From where can i get a black color lg 4163b retail version?

give me the web link.
does lg 4163b comes with autobitsetting and their own firmware?
how good is lg4163 burns in dvd +R, -R?
thanks. Or more specifically

It is $68.00 here. Shows it in stock.

no its OEM, I want RETAIL version with black nameface.

You have a problem using Google for yourself?

Here ya go buddy. $59.95 and free shipping. Looking myself.

the Chief

No auto bitsetting but you can bitset for +R.

It burns very well on all the media I use (see below).

Take some time and read up here. It will tell you all you need to know.

Also, if the one at The Chief link above is Retail, then the retail and OEM have the same faceplate, at least for the black. My OEM is identical.

My guess is you need to see the box to get Retail.

I found one here for $644. :rolleyes:

I’ll bet that one is retail.

Where are you located? How does everyone kno what links to give him? He could be from Mars for all we know!

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If youre in Toronto I can tell you.

am in usa.

You can purchase LG 4163B & 5163B at Sams Club discount warehouse. PC Mall seems to have incorrect price.