From Where Are The Spikes Comming?

Hi Guys, i have a strange problem, just burned a dvd, and look what 2 high spikes i have :rolleyes:
The rest is perfect ! PIF between 10 -> 30, but i don’t like those spikes :a
How does it come i get such spikes ? and do i need to reburn it ? or can i ignore the spikes ?


How does a transer rate test look?

This looks like a bad disc to me - one with two bad spots on it.

Have you looked carefully at the surface of the disc? You might be able to see the defects.

I personally would not trust this burn.

you see indeed 2 verry dark stripes on the place where i get a such high PIF!

Who put those forks in your graphs? :confused:

Maybe Nero misunderstood the fork command. :stuck_out_tongue: